This is the prequel to: ToAru Kizu No Boku, this will make this comics "Alien" Chapters easier to understand. But... Since I wrote this before: Once on Miiverse then Wattpad then on Blogger, I'm uninterested in going through the entire thing a 4th time! Here, I'll summarize the story, and hopefully this Romantic-Parody explains this story, and what/why it's happening. If you want to see the whole Parody, look here: but it's full of typos, fanboying and horrific jokes... To read this, look at the pages, NOT the blog entries! After this, every Arc, main and supporting character and concepts, are explained. (If you don't feel like reading through the tome, skip to the very bottom)



these are are all the mains for the entire series: Kari's Ai (knickname: Yui) is the pure hearted Female lead and one of the Soul-Hoshi soldiers, Mira Elric is her BFF, Fusagi is a psychic and another close friend, Touka Toni is a vampire, Seirro Evans is her business partner, Zolo Ronaro is a buffed, trained psychopath, Chiba Shinagami is a fragment of Death, Kirik is a temporarily main character, and one of the few black characters until he becomes perverted. As for the support: Sei Albarn is a higher class soldier, a Avatar, his BFF is another Avatar: Sosuke Stein, he's a doctor too. Sid Zooloo is another Avatar and the black ninja who trained Zolo, Momo Mljourner is another Avatar and a teacher, and Stein's future wife, she helps up until her pregnancy is too far along to let her move. Penance Sama is the god of the Academy, for the particular academy: instead of murdering a enemy, they are normally thrown into the god, if they survive, there's hope for them, if not, they burn in hell. Last but not least is: RagNoiRok, which is a main, but because of what happens... Won't show up until near the end.

SoulArc Concepts

SoulHoshi: the religious and spiritual order, which serves the many gods on earth, they work along with police, firemen and others to save the world. Kami/gods: supernatural people who keep the world alive and rules each academy, Penance Sama and Asura are the only ones mentioned explicitly in this arc. Kinshin: a demon god or a evil kami, Asura is one and the catalyst for everything that happens, RagNoiRok becomes one too. SoulStar: A technique of God, this allows one, along with their original powers and/or magic, to perform miracles, but if anything dangerous happens to their body during this, or it's overused, they die. Black blood: a substance Madoka creates, via melting ROK before the start of the parody. Madness: Every insane tendency or impulse every living being has, it can take a physical form thanks to Asura, it can become mist or form into liquid like Black Blood, it causes hallucinations and harm too during this. Hoshi City: Is the home of the 1st Academy inside England, made for the kami residing in it, Penance Sama.


The story takes place today, in the current time. Soul Hoshi Academies are set in every nation to help monitor and help earth and it's denizens. The Techique of the gods: SoulStar, is only taught to the worthy Soul hoshi Soldiers,but, all money and progress is spent on newer/bigger Academies, via everything except the technique, being tied into the governments around  the world, supporting their growth and popularity. But the 1st Academy has been neglected, and left to crumble, along with the city surrounding it, as it's not recieving any support other than volunteer.

SoulArc: Events

Alright, it begins as normal with Yui and Sierro defeating a criminal and her carrying him back home, much to her partner's dismay. This is normal for the Academy missions, as Yui's pure-heart causes her to be overly nice to criminals... Meanwhile, her friends have no qualms with beating criminals or killing when Penance Sama orders so. Things continue as normal, until Yui senses then meets RagNoirRoc one night. Unfortunately, they fell into a "test" set up by the witch: Madoka. Who orders RagNoirRoc to kill them, Yui and Sierro try to beat it, but RagNoiRoc's black blood keeps anything from getting through! It then uses ScreechAlpha to pin the partners against the wall, the attack keeps the others from helping either when they arrive! Yui's almost targeted when Sierro blocks her, causing RagNoiRoc to slice him!!! Yui freaks util Stein saves them, but Madoka takes RagNoiRoc away before Stein can finish them... The soldiers go back to the Academy, and puts Sierro in the infirmy, the nurse: Madoka, says she'll take care of him (Unbeknownst to them, that she's also the witch from last night) Yui and her friends are happy he'll make a decent recovery... At this time, Mira's introduced and learns about RagNoiRoc and Kinshin Asura from Sei. Meanwhile, Yui doesn't go out on missions, until she learns Sierro's okay, then vows to get stronger, never allowing to get hurt again. This starts the next part where Stein trains Sierro and Yui to work together better, which causes them to fight... This makes them need to work with Zolo and Mira to finish any mission, which coincides with Madoka enslaving another witch: Mami, and breaking the werewolf: Kyubey out of jail. They all meet on London Bridge, where he easily beats Zolo and Sierro, Yui tries to fight but is unable to to due to her resonance being messed up. Mira "fixes" it via yelling at them, and they easily beat Kyubey... Later, everything seems to be normal, (despite every resonance Yui and Sierro perform, feeling different now AND Sierro seeing a small demon everytime he does it.) until Christmas Day! This marks the first Soul Hoshi Academy being built, which every soldier and citizen in Hoshi City attends. This almost marks the moment where Yui meets Cirris... but doesn't say anything to him, due to being late to the celebration. Once they get there, everything goes normal, until Madoka's team start her plan! At this point, she reveals she's a witch as everybody's locked inside the academy... Syd breaks into the building and frees the soldiers and Stein into the basement, and they go to stop her plans to awaken the Kinshin. Madoka attempts to stop them, but Stein keeps her from killing the others, Yui and Seirro stops to fight RagNoiroc, while Chiba, Fusagi, Mira, Touka and Zolo go to stop the revival. While she saves RagNoiRoc from her traumatized/altered state, the others failed to stop the Kinshin. Asura escapes despite both Yui's and Penance Sama's attempts... This marks another point where Penance Sama calls the Avatars to help attend the academy and look for Asura. During this time, Yui befriends RagNoiRoc and ends up going on missions with them, this is also the period where Arachne's revived and Madoka reincarnates, via possessing a little girl. This leads to her striking a deal with the academy (after taking RagNoiRoc back...) saying, if they help her save it, she'll help them stop Arachne. This leads to Yui getting stronger, but her and the others being betrayed... At this point, everybody learns to fly! And they are alerted to new enemies and finally where RagNoiRoc is, fortunately: Madoka's murdered during this, by it. Unfortunately, it murdered a city full of people, all at once... Causing Penance Sama to put a search and destroy warrant out for the first time. Yui and Mira try to find Asura before they're sent out, and senses him atop the moon?! Meanwhile, Yui finds RagNoiRoc and goes to talk to it. Meanwhile Soul Hoshi Academy goes to the moon to destroy the kinshin, while the Soldiers find RagNoiRoc, sadly, it can no longer be able to reason as it killed it's own mother... and flies away to eat/become the Kinshin. During this moment the Avatars are having trouble getting through the clowns on the moon, until the Soldiers come. Thanks to the witches (the few that are left, as Chiba commits genocide, leaving only Mami and Mabu: the queen) and Kyubey, the clowns are defeated, but... at the loss of many other volunteers and Avatars... AND RagNoiRoc having eaten the Kinshin! Kyubey mistakenly warping most of the survivors back to the earth, didn't help much either... Yui tries fighting RagNoiRoc to no avail, until Sei mentions bonds between family and friends, which allows Asura to take over it... The soldiers are almost killed, until Sierro uses the madness once more to allow Yui to dive inside the demon-god, while Zolo, Chiba, Mira and Fusagi distracted him. Yui and Sierro meet Noir inside, and after convincing it to help them, were able to perform Soul Resonance with Yui's antidemonic wavelength. The partners tear out of the kinshin as he was sealed in the blackblood in him, and in Noir (who turns into a kinshin, now...) Kyubey warps them off the moon, and the natural satellite's sealed in BlackBlood. With the only madness being Noir's feelings to breast, being the last comfort it felt when Madoka hugged it... At the celebration, Sierro tries to express his feelings to Yui, only for her to not understand what he meant... This marks the end of the SOULARC.

 Genies Arc

These are the supporting characters for this arc: Kai is ...something from another world between life and death, he trains Yui when she's almost sent to hell. Rei is a genie child from the Genie world, he's orphaned, thanks to the invasion of monsters! Super Awesome Kami Guru is the leader of the genies, who saved the race via wishing everybody back, after a huge blight destroyed most if them. Shenron is a artificial Super genie, created by Stein to save his friends... Porunga is the legendary Super Genie who can grant 3 wishes, but has a different set of rules on what can be wished for. Vassago's the prince of all Djinn, and probably the only new character who'll make another appearance AND the murderer of his last few subjects, causing him to be the last Djinn existence. Iblis Haruka is the antagonist for the arc, while his role starts/ends here, he's mentioned because of this... unlike Asura, who's ALWAYS alive...

GenieArc Concepts

Lamps: The vehicles almost every monster uses to fly around through space, they can be used by anyone and are techno-magically created. White Lamps: Are the legendary lamps that ONLY possess white magic power, which allows the Super Genie to be summoned. Fake Lamps: Are technomagic lamps created by Stein, they summon a genie that can grant one wish, similar to Porunga, but... it dies after this. Heal lamps: Are regeneration lamps that also uses Whitmagic Technology to heal whoever's inside. White Magic: Healing magic, which rare to every other part of the universe. Only earth and Genie world possess the little that's left.. Black Magic: Destructive magic, which is common in this, the arc before and in the future, Djinn's, monsters, the soldiers themselves constantly use this to fight eachother. Soulfood: is based on the concept of Soulwater, the water drains/hurts one's soul but makes stong if the user survives touching it, on the flipside, watering your fruits and vegetables with it, doesn't affect your soul, but heals your body completely(this makes for a very funny situation in the story). Space: Area between dimensions, when the characters go different worlds, it's via the bright/beautiful space, not outerspace, the genie world's located in a alternate dimension NOT a planet in outer space. Djinn: A violent, powerful race, who's almost wiped out, thanks to Haruka. Monsters: are all races who aren't named specifically, most are humanoids with unnatural animal parts/colors/appendages. Milky Force: is a team of monsters working under Haruka, who're stronger than most others, except the Iblis himself. Genies: are the strangely colored, epic haired magic race of creatures who an grant wishes, unlike other wish magic based creatures, they still rely on people making a wish/resonance to use magic, making them peaceful and sadly, unprotected against others who force magic. Iblis: is the evil being that manipulates and irritates life everywhere it goes, Haruka is the only one mentioned here, but his actions are typical f his race. his nature's different as he's unconcerned with anything other than himself, but he's easily seen right through when he gets in any trouble... Superform: Any form higher than one's original... 2 people learn this in this arc, the concept's used again later, but remane's unnamed.


A few weeks after the SoulArc, the friends have a get together at Sei's house. (despite his creepiness..) Most soldiers went their seperate ways to train or have fun, while Yui, Mira, Touka and Fusagi decide to try to keep a good relationship via visiting a friend they normally don't speak to...

GenieArc: Events

Alright, so tye story starts with a farmer working, until something crashes into the ground a mile away... he goes to see a djinn rise out, and murder him. He starts searching for Yui later, but runs pass Kyubey first, scaring him... Meanwhile: Fusagi and Touka visits Sei (against their better judgment). And the Fusagi is ticked off at his passes meanwhile Touka complains about Sierro until Yui and Mira visits too, and evryone catches  up until the Djinn arives! He explains that his race is almost extinct and that they were looking for suitable concubines to regenerate more Djinn, after offering the chance to Yui (having defeated Asura and now being called: "God Killer Yui") she declines as it would be helping hurt others, as she could sense his dark intentions. The djinn captures Mira and gives her a ultimatum: become his concubine, or Mira will (which could kill her...). Yui recovers from their scuffle and and almost gives chase, when Kyubey volunteered to go too! They get to the Djinn's lamp and fight, until they get a upper hand... Until the Djinn tricks her, and almost murders Yui. Mira suddenly attacks, over powering the Djinn in a single strike! But is almot killed as she used all her power in the attack! Yui fortunately traps him in a full-nelson as Kyubey uses a spell to send people to hell... unfortunately, it engulfs both fighters... Before he completely disappears, the Djinn explains his friends would come to avenge him! After he and Yui are warped away, other soldiers come and Kyubey tells them what happened, Mira also volunteers to train with the werewolf... Meanwhile, Yui is sent to the world between Heaven and Hell, as she technically, doesn't deserve to go to hell. Stein teleports there too, and explains to limbo's king: Enma, that Yui should be trained to help fight, for when she comes back to Earth. They're directed to Kai, and Yui is trained by him, while her friends are trained on earth... The Djinn finally arrive, and destroy Hoshi City immediately! All the soldiers notice, and come to the spot the Djinn flew to: Mira and Kyubey! Before fighting anyone, they plant Saibamen to test them out, ...which murders Sierro, the giant Djinn: Cabbage, then fights, easily incapacitating Zolo, and murderig Chiba! He then fights Mira, Kyubey and Fusagi together, eventually killing Zolo and Kyubey! He almost murders Mira when Yui carries away from under Cabbage's foot! She gives her friends SoulFood and beats Cabbage easily, after being paralyzed Cabbage is killed by his prince: Vasago. And he then challenges Yui, she decides to fight away from her friends' bodies and tries to defeat him! But Vassago easily overpowers Yui until she forces more power through her body, seemingly stopping him... Until he uses his denomic form!!! Meanwhile, Mira and Fusagi turn back towards the battlefield (they were suppose to be getting help...) and notice Yui was being hurt badly. They arrive back at the scene to see Yui being crushed, they team up with a civilian to incapacitate him, and force him back into his Djinn form. Vassago angrily struck back, almost killing the girls when Mira transforms!!! She nearly kills him too, until he incapacitates her, then crawls back to his lamp... Yui lets the Djinn go, as she had no desire to murder anyone/let anyone be killed while she was there (as Fusagi was preparing to destroy him in the weakened state) . And the Avatars an volunteers came to bring the soldiers back to a hospital, during this: they came up with a plan to revive everyone, via something Vassago said... Stein then volunteers to make a Magic Lamp to teleport the soldiers to Genie World: the only other dimension where White Magic exists!! Mira, Fusagi and Touka go, as they healed faster, and are flown through space! Meanwhile, Vassago's healed too... and finds out his slave-master: Haruka, has learned about his plan to invade the Genie world and use it's White Lamps to gain immortality, and is looking for them himself! Vassago rushed to the Genie world to avoid becoming his eternal slave! Meanwhile, the soldiers land in Genie world and immediately notice something's wrong... they also see Vassago's and another lamp land their too!!!  They try to communicate back home, about what's happened... but their lamp's destroyed too! The girls find a cave to hide in, and immediately sense out the monsters invading the world, along with the White Lamps!!! Fusagi and Mira volunteer to look for them, while Touka continues trying to contact the others! While doing this, they end up saving Rei from being murdered during a interrogation gone fatal... They're chased by one of Haruka's men, until Vassago kills him! Meanwhile, the girls find out that there's a Grand Genie  who'll help them find the lamps, since they're trying to help instead of destroy them. Fusagi and Rei go alone, while Mira helps Touka. Meanwhile, the two reach the Grand Genie and are given a White Lamp! Fusagi also gets a boost in power, which she uses to quickly get back to the others, while Rei stays with the Grand Genie and his bodyguard... Meanwhile, Mira finds another White Lamp but is found by Vassago during this... She makes it back to Touka and Fusagi, and the psychic tells her about the unlocked potential/power the Grand Genie gave her, and wants to bring her there, too! The girls go to the house, but are followed by Vassago who just realized Mira had a White Lamp! But as soon as they get there, they all sense the Milky Force coming! Vassago freaks out and begs the girls to help him kill them! They agree as he seemed more concerned about them, than murdering the soldiers... they both pool their White Lamps together, and found out they have all of them! But the Milkyforce stops them! Then takes the lamps and plays Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who murders who: Yogurt gets to fight Mira and Fusagi, but is murdered when he almost kills them, by Vassago! Cream almost destroys Vassago, when Yui arrives!!! (She was healed by more SoulFood...) She gives SoulFood to her friends and Vassago, and defeats Creme in one hit, then Butter! Cheese ran away to tell Captain Milky while the girls make plans, Vassago meanwhile, murders the unconscious MilkyForce members. Cheese and Milky comes back, and prepares to fight the group, Fusagi and Mira leaves to find the White Lamp while the other two prepare to fight! Until Vassago leaves, Yui ends up fighting Milky, herself. Until she overpowers him, he then switches body's with her(thinking he could control her power) and leaves her in his injured body... Milky and Cheese then goes to kill her friends and defend the lamps, but the girls immediately notice the soul inside her body was different and attacked. Meanwhile, Yui limped to her friends to warn them, but see Milky was losing power, and unable to use any of her abilities... Vassago arrives and murders Cheese and beats Milky, almost killing him! Until Milky tries switch with him, Yui gets her body back during this, and Milky tries to steal Vassago's unbroken body again, but Yui throws a frog into the techniqe, transforming him into one, and giving the frog his... Vassago then offers to heal Yui, as he needs as many people as he can get, to stop Haruka. He then gives Mira and Fusagi armor to protect them, and goes to sleep... Fusagi leaves to check on Rei, but finds him coming to see her! He explains that the Grand Genie told him to tell them how to activate the White Lamps, they go to get them together and summons Parunga! Haruka notices the sky changing while killing the Grand Genie's bodyguard, and flies to the area!!! Vassago wakes up and sees the genie!!! Then gets there after the girls make a wish, he then interrupts the session and threatens to murder the girls, the White Lams then suddenly stop glowing, and Parunga disappears!!!? Rei explains that the Grand Genie: the creator of the lamps, must have died, and the lamps have lost their power, due to this. Haruka arrives in time to hear this, blaming them for the event. Vassago tells him it's his fault and that he's no match for the 3 of them! Haruka finds this to be true, but decides to revert back to his original form, by 1 transformation. He does, and nearly murders Fusagi and Mira during this transformation, it is then reveaed that Rei could heal them back, via granting a wish they both want: for them to live. Kyubey then arrives (having geen wished back for his powers) and almost beats Haruka, until he reverts again, and tortures him. Mira almost kills Haruka in rage, while Fusagi mortally wounds Vassago (as he planned on using both his magic power and Rei's to wish him healed/stronger). Haruka realizes he could be in danger, and completely reverts to his original form. He kills Rei, then toys with the soldiers and djinn, until Vassago claims he's a SuperDjinn! Haruka disproves this via nearly killing him, but Yui awakens from the Healing Lamp and stops him... Haruka murders him anyway in rage at Vassago mocking him, Yui avenges him until Haruka uses 50% of his power and is almost killed. Kyubey distracts him, while she gathers energy for her most powerful attack: Star Dama!!! She almost destroys him, but he survives and kills Fusagi... Yui transforms into "Princess", a 6ft beautiful, woman with eternally long pigtails! She EASILY overpowers Haruka, even after he uses 100% form. Then telepathically tells Kai and Stein to alter their plan to save everyone, to leaving her to kill Haruka. Princess almost does, but leaves after she gets bored... Haruka tries to attack her in anger, which lead to him cutting himself in half!!! Princess gives him enough energy to live, and leaves, but he attempts one final attack, which lead to her killing him... The world then explodes, thanks to Haruka's attacking it... Everybody's bought back, but when they try to revive Yui... she didn't come back, as she never died?!!! The soldiers waited until she returns, (during this time, Vassago joins Soul Hoshi) when she does, she explains she was saved by beings called: Spectreas, and they taught her a technique called: Kae Energy, whuch everyone learns excited!


These are the supporting characters for this arc: Foxy and his crew, and his first mates, hamburgerler and Porsche. Iceberg the mayor of water7. The Frankys are Monky's gang. CP9 are Haruhi, Tatsume, Kaoru, Kyoya, Honi, Tamaki and Lucci, and their leader. Kokoro is the old lady that leads the soldiers to water7 and helps them invade Wake island. Chimney's her granddaughter, and her pet bunny's Gorbe. The shipwright who helps the soldiers is Mitzukuni and ends up being a returning support-character. Snipemaster's Chiba hopped up marijuana. Monky's the only returning character in this arc, he fights the soldiers at first, but ends up joining them and becoming another scientist/mechanic later on in the series...

Pirate Arc Concepts

Kea Energy: is the technique the Spectre taught Yui, and she taught her friends, depending on the indiviuals' nature and powers they already possessed, their energy can be changed to alter their body and/or original power. Spectre: Are the beings who saved Yui, sadly they are caught and eaten by the american government for their abilities (rather than them training under one). Judgement: The ship the soldiers arrive to long island in, Yui's the captain, having being named the Godkiller and Iblis Destroyer, Zolo hates this though, and fights for the ship later... DavyBack Fight: A challenge pirates supposedly give eachother to gamble shipmates and possibly earn more and the crew's flag, Yui and Foxy face off in one. Tekkai: A art CP9 uses, to harden their body, normally one CAN'T move in this state... Shippu: A art CP9 uses to "fly" via kicking thier feet several times, but... Yui's speed increases ALOT when using this while normally flying... Kamikaze: A art CP9 uses to slice anything via kicking, all use it but Tatsume excells at it. Biofeedback: A art Tamaki uses to control EVERY part of his body (mostly his hair), while Touka sees this, nobody else seemingly learns how to use it...  Government: Refers to specifically, the American government, all plots mentioned here and later arcs, are completely done by them. PuffingTom: The sea train Monky, Iceburg and Tom finish and is still working today. RocketMan: The prototype Monky, Iceburg and Tom finished, but couldn't get to brake, the soldiers use it to save Fusagi, and loves it alot! CP9: is the group of government assassins, trained/brainwashed to kill whenever they're told, they're the secret team that "doesn't exist" and have been working undercover for years, to get Tom's plans that could potentially destroy the world... There are other teams over this one, later in the series, that "don't exist" even to people in the government, their ranking rises with number too...


A week after the Genie Arc: the friends have experimented with thier new abilities and the news that the 1st Soul Hoshi Academy is still in business/open spreads. And Dr Stein gets a call from someone, requesting for help (As they're the only academy that helps people for free), the doctor then gets ready to tell the soldiers...

PirateArc Events

Alright, after a few weeks of the soldiers training and/or relaxing, Stein tells them they got a letter from someone of Long Island, asking for help. For this event, he built a ship named: Judgement for them to sail there. He further explains that everybody would have a role on the ship-and Yui is the captain. Zolo is against this, as he believes he's the strongest, but Stein explains that his actions got him murdered and that he's too proud. Contrast to Yui defeating both Asura and Haruka, and having a anti-denomic wavelength. The soldiers then are sent to Long Island, they arrive weeks later and find the oldman who called them: Tojit. The man explains that he was trapped atop bamboo for a year, and was too afraid to get down, and that his village left without him, to avoid the tide rising. Tojit basically asks for help to catch up with his village, and later finds that his loyal steed: Shelly, stayed behind, waiting for him. The soldiers watch him ride her, until Foxy shoots her! He then claims that the horse is his, unless the soldiers beat him in a DavyBack fight. Yui agrees angrily, not knowing she could lose shipmates during this... The DavyBack consists of 3 games, Of which: The soldiers lose the first game, thanks to Foxy's cheating. They win the second, having caught on to how pirates "win" the game. And win the third, with Yui beating Foxy in a boxing match! After this, she has all her shipmates/friends back. and can choose whoever she wants from their crew. Yui chooses their sail instead, and in kindness draws a new sail/emblem for them. Despite it being ...scribbly, the Foxy Crew are better off with all their members, albeit angry. After they leave, they find that Shelly recovered and that a member of the US Marines was on the island?! Fusagi is disturbed at his presence, but he reassures her, that he's there for work. They work together to help Tojit catch up, via the marine's: AoJeremiah's power to freeze anything around him. Tojit crosses the ice bridge across, and Aojeremiah ends up challenging them to a fight, seeing how dangerous the crew was, and a possible threat to the US government. Yui and Fusagi are frozen solid, but are revived by Touka, thanks to Aojeremiah having been saved indirectly by Yui at a earlier point... The soldiers then realize that the Judgment's been deteriorated thanks to their treatment of it, and that they wouldn't be able to make it back home... This leads them to find Kokoro, Chimney and Ganbe, Kokoro points them in the direction of water7 and explains their's many shipwrights there. The soldiers sail there, and start looking around the water utopia, everything was fine up until Fusagi hears the phrase: CP9 and leaves Touka... Meanwhile, after meeting Iceberg, Haruhi, Lucci, Kassanoda and Tatsumi: Chiba is kidnapped by the Frankys, via them using his OCD against him. After the others find out that the Judgment can't be repaired, they learn that Chiba was missing and finds him later, in front of the Franky House. Mira and takes him back to the Judgment, while Yui, Sierro, Kirik and Touka get revenge on the gang. After destroying their house, Yui decides they should buy another ship. They return to the Judgement to pick one from a catalogue, but Zolo bursts in and challenges Yui for ownership over the Judgment, threatning to kill at random if she refuses! Yui reluctantly accepts, and they fight the next night... Zolo uses many techniques to kill her, but Yui dodges them, and knocks him out in One punch... She then gives the broken Judgement to Zolo and tells him that their going to find Fusagi and go home. The next day, they find that Fusagi shot Iceberg!!? The soldiers end up having to hideout as the entire city was looking for them, Yui tries to ask Iceberg directly what happened, via flying into his room... But he tries to shoot her, Yui returns to her friends and tells them she wants to wait until night, to see if Fusagi would return to finish the job, and find out why... That night, they rush into Iceberg's mansion after the assassins break in, Yui teams up with Kassanoda after he realizes her and her team couldn't of attacked him the other night. But the 2 are incapacitated, meanwhile the others get into Iceberg's bedroom and find Fusagi preparing to shoot him again!! They plead with her not to, but are surrounded by the other assassins! Kaoru, Lucci, Haruhi and Tatsumi, arrive and explain that they have been undercover for 5 years, in attempt to get Tom's plans to a dangerous weapon: Pluto. Yui and Kassanoda arrives, and the man's taken back that people he thought were his friends, were trying to kill Iceberg! Lucci attempts to kill him while he was in tears, but Yui saves him and starts to fight! The soldiers try to stop the assassins, but are beaten (with Yui and Kilik being thrown out the window), with them only being left alive to burn up with the mansion. Touka manages to get up and save Iceberg and Mira... The citizens surrounding the mansion, manage to see her and couldn't bring themselves to finish her off, as she risked her life to save Iceberg... They revive Iceberg and he explicitly tells them to leave her and the rest of the Soldiers alone, as they weren't responsible. He then explains the situation to Mira, once she wakes up. The plans for Pluto were made by his Shipwright master: Tom, but he couldn't part with it, AND knew full well he couldn't make it, as it's too dangerous. Unfortunately, the US Government has been trying to get it for years, and they must have been undercover to get it from him, though he doesn't have them any more... Cipher Pol 9 had been hiding as shipwrights and members of his staff for 5 years, and now they must be near the time where they're allowed to search quietly, they further forced Fusagi into joining them by threatning to use a Bustercall (a order for the Navy to completely destroy any body of land) on water7 to kill them-her friends. Fusagi agrees to help them and willingly leave with them to Wake Island via the Puffing Tom, to be tortured for her "crimes" against the US. Mira goes to find her friends and ell them what was happening, meanwhile... Chiba has been resting up until he was kidnapped again by Monky himself! He, and his sisters: Kiwi and Mizu talk to him about what both sides have done, and about fairies.... until CP9 crashes into the warehouse and incapacitates Monky and Chiba. Lucci explains they work for the government and that they already knew he worked for Tom, too. And that he and Fusagi were to be taken to Wake Island to be tortured for their information. They get on the Puffing Tom, after Fusagi's escorted on, and the Puffing Tom leaves before the soldiers can get on too... But Korkoro tells the soldiers they can use the prototype train: Rocket Man, to chase after them, but the storm rising now would make it difficult. They go anyway and IMMEDIATELY falls in love with the train, the Frankys also ask to help them too, as their leader was taken by CP9. Yui agrees and the soldiers board the train to find Kassonoda had stowed away too! They take off across the sea train tracks toward Puffing Tom, Mira later finds out via telepathy, that Sierro had snuck aboard the train ahead of time and was heading to save Chiba and Fusagi! He ends up beating CP1 through 5 and saves the other two. After a small scuffle, Monky tells Sierro he's on thier side! And the three easily fight up until CP9's car, while the other 2 fight the other Cipher Pol leaders, Chiba (hopped up on marijuana, due to being in intense pain...) goes to rescue Fusagi. But upon getting into her car, CP9 crash inside, as does Monky and Sierro!!! They tell Fusagi to come with them, and try to carry her into a another train car that was cutoff from the front. But Kaoru teleports to the car(?!!) and explains she WANTS to come with them, Fusagi agrees to this, they take Monky and leave them in the stranded train car... Once Rocket Man catches up, they fly inside and explain what happened. After this, Yui figures they must have something that's forcing her to stay, and they needed to save her. Kassanoda then explains and draws out the map of of Wake Island, and tells them they'd need to work together to get them back, before they get through the gates of justice. Despite this, Yui flies ahead to Wake island and makes her way to the government building. Meanwhile, the soldiers find out that Rocket Man has no breaks! The train crashes into Wake Island's gates, and ramped high in the air, then lands atop the knocked out government soldiers, and marines, killing them. The Soul Hoshi Soldiers then kill marines and finish off the incapacitated ones, Yui left behind, as they make it to the building. Meanwhile, Yui fights Kaoru, and is unable to keep up with his techniques until she uses 2nd Gear-doping her body by forcing minerals from her blood. Her skin turns red and steam emits everywhere, Kaoru is unable to keep up with her and is easily beaten (leaving him unable to naturally perform bowel movements). Yui then pulls meat from her pockets and began eating as she calls for Fusagi!! The other soldiers catch up to her, and watch as CP9's boss tells them to bring Fusagi out so he can watch her refuse to be saved, but she cries, telling them about her how her family fought against the government, which lead to them chasing/assaulting her, and she herself having to betray many and shut herself off from the world, until now... And that she expects Soul Hoshi academy to be the last time she could have true friends, and to leave her there... Yui replies they'd fight the world for her, causing her to tell them to save her! CP9 abruptly leaves, but not before Monky burns the plans for Pluto, he hid in his body! CP9's boss: Michilis, pushes him off the building, and left with the team, fortunately, Kokoro rode Rocket Man again, up into the bridge building and ramped it into the main building! With the Soldiers leaping on it, and it catching Monky! They crash inside, and see Honi, who tells them that each member of CP9 had a key to Fusagi's cuffs (which cancels her powers) , and that they'd need to defeat them to get a key and try it. Which of course, stalls them until they can get Fusagi through the gates of justice. After he leaves, Kirik re-explains that they have to split-up and fight each member, and that everything depends on their ability to kill a member of CP9. He also tells Yui, that they'll be keeping the other members back, while she slows down the others. Yui rushes off, while: Mira fights Haruhi, Kirik fights Tatsumi(then eventually, Zolo), Touka fights Tamaki, Sierro fights Kyoya and Monky fights Honi. The soldiers get keys and start head to Kirik, who's now trying to catch up to and help Yui. Meanwhile, (after mistakenly summoning a Buster Call to the island.) Michilis runs with Fusagi resisting, to the bridge leading to the gates of justice. Meanwhile, Lucci purposely slowed down to let Yui catch up, and volunteered to fight her (as he joined CP9 for blood...). Monky catches up too, and tries to head straight to Fusagi, but Lucci almost stops him!!! Yui stops his attack, both angering and exciting the agent. Meanwhile, many marines surround Monki before he can cross the bridge, but they're killed by Chiba (who wondered away, due to being SO high) who's shooting at the bridge, freestyle. Kirik then gives the keys to Monki, allowing him to try them until he frees Fusagi! The two EASILY defeats every marine surrounding them, but are almost caught in the Buster Call!! Luckily, they take a marine ship and call the others to them, meanwhile... Lucci destroys part of the building, he and Yui are in, letting water fill it's narrow halls to drown her friends. Luckily, Kokoro saves them (via transforming into fat mermaid) and brings them atop the ship they stole. They fight off marines, while Yui fights Lucci, even using 3rd Gear to knock him through the wall, and indirectly destroy many of the ships surrounding them! Until the effects wears off, leaving her to be almost killed, once Yui reverts back. Lucci almost destroys the girl va his powerfullest technique, but even after being hit twice by it, she forced herself to stand and beat the man!!! But is paralyzed due to this, Fusagi then uses her Kae Energy to create hands to carry her to them, until another marine ship, destroys the one they're on... They fall into the water, but are rescued by the Judgment (which drifted to sea due to the storm). And start to sail away from the gunfire, as the last member of CP9 screams at the marines, ordering them to destroy the soldiers. Fusagi then uses her powers to break Michilis' neck. Monky then uses his technique: Coup De Vent to launch the Judgment away from the fleet of ships, after this... it splits in half, luckily, Iceberg arrives with a HUGE ship (he made knowing that the storm would destroy water7 if nothing was done...) and  takes the soldiers back home.

Alchemist Arc

These are the supporting characters for this arc: Cirris is Yui's future boyfriend, and is the very same  person she saw on Christmas, though they only have a friendship as Yui loses her soul before it can grow into anything.... Izumi Curtis is Yui and Mira's Alchemy teacher, and is wife to the butcher, Curtis, who also helps fight during the final part. Olive is the leader of the Yukon Soul Hoshi, and her brother Armstrong is a soldier of the Kansas Soul Hoshi Academy. Scar is a Zulu man, who practices Alchemy ever since his brother was murdered during a war America started, he uses the destructive side only to kill Americans and has no qualms with destroying anyone, until he meets Yui and Mira. Kimblee is a Soul Hoshi Soldier too, but enjoys murder more than anything, ironically, despite joining the humonculous, he betrays them due them conflicting with their own beliefs... Ling is the upcoming emperor of China, and his "enemy" Mei helps him, despite them starting as this. Greed is a humonculous who possess Ling later, bur... ends up working with him, as they both are similar, but he dies upon attacking his father. Father is the original humonculous and the dwarf in the flask, he birthed the others and manipulated everything to get enough souls to power himself enough to consume/become God, but his actions ruins his plan... Mrs Eirc is Mira's mother, her and Yui are close with her and she with them, but she dies while Yui's training Cirris, which leads to the events in this arc... Lin is Yui's dad, philosopher and pacifist, he fought Father before, but the casualties it caused lead him to stop fighting, but he enrolls Yui in his old Academy, Soul Hoshi, so she could learn to defend herself, but he fights again after she almost loses her soul and has to fight his old enemy.

Alchemy Arc Concepts

Alchemy: the art of breaking down something and reconstructing it as something else, nearly everyone in this arc uses it, and it's the thing that causes Mira to lose her body, and Yui to lose her soul. Heaven's Gate: The huge door in the world opened only through performing alchemy to bring a human to life, Yui is pulled through this and sees everything, including how to bring Mira back, but is unable to go through with it, due to being seriously incapacitated herself and having to work immediately afterwords.  Humonculous: Are artificial humans birthed by Father, they represent each deadly sin, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Sloth and Pride are all humonculous as their father, humonculous are also created by the government later. Supersoldiers: Are souless human bodies that are made to kill, the humonculous can control and/or eat them to reform themselves, they're still very weak to fire though. Philosopher Stone: Are stones made from MANY human souls, there are few used by Soul Hoshi soldiers, like Kimblee and provide unlimited destructive and Creation powers, sadly, Father made many and the humonculous are powered by them. Dwarf In The Flask: is Father, and the thing Lin has fought before, though, it wasn't killed, rather it tricked the philosopher and streadily continued killing, Lin fights it and reverts it to it's creepy eye covered, toothy form. God: Upon performing a nationwide alchemy ritual, Father opens the sky pulls God into himself, fortunately, the requirements for this must be perfect, as God is...


Weeks after the Pirate Arc, Monki has stated working with Stein, updating the academy... And Cirris found out where Yui lives and tries to join Soul Hoshi to better himself and be stronger...

AlchemistArc Events

Alright, it starts when the soldiers here a knock at the academy's door. They open it to find the same tten from Christmas Day! This marks when Cirris meets Yui as they introduce themselves at this moment. Cirris explains he wants to be a soldier, to be stronger and is shown around the academy... Though, after meeting the murderous soldiers, Cirris retracts his wish-inspite being accepted and leaves. But upon remembering how Yui treated him, as compared to everybody else in and out of the academy... he decided to go back and at least try for the one person who seemed as if she truly wanted him to join. Meanwhile, Yui learned he turned down the acceptance and was going to find and convince him to come back. She opens the door just in time to see Cirris standing there... This is followed with her personally training the new Soldier: since his fighting skills weren't good, Yui teaches him how to use SoulStar (of which he excells in). This also happens along side of Yui visiting Mira more, the girls are ironically into alchemy and try small experiments all the time, until... Mira's mother, dies. They try to get Stein to make more artificial lamps, but he can't create them without a base like he had in the Genie Arc, they have no way to contact the genies either, as they don't know where they left to... There's no more white-magic left, either... Leaving them to start Mrs Elric's funeral. Afterwards, Yui suggests using Alchemy to bring her back, and the girls start recreating a human via a forbidden alchemy recipe. After sacrificing their blood, Mira's immediately snatched inside the portal! Yui tries to at least get her back by "giving her heart" which, instead of taking her: equals Truth (a being who she meets at Heaven's Gates...) taking her soul. After this, Mira's bound to a suit of armour and Yui barely has control of her body from the gates, making her seem emotionless... While everyone tries to get used to this, they get a mission which includes every soldier going to Kansas, as betrayal is going on within it and the Yukon Soul Hoshi Academy! The soldiers are sent over to immediately capture Kimblee: a suspected traitor to the Topeka Soul Hoshi Academy.  The mission is set up for him to be sent on a escort misdion, but the Nottingham soldiers are to capture/kill him before he notices what's happening. Yui, being soulless, has no problem with it (making this easier for the killers...). This also causes her to pause when she sees Cirris in a fluffy coat, but never saying a word (as she can't express emotion). But, before the mission can go successfully, Kimblee immediately catches on to what's happening and causes a white-out in the snowy area! Yui ends up having to fight him and his men, with Kimblee escaping via trapping her and his own men, in a mine! Yui saves the men to make them save her,  of which they do and help her pull a iron pipe out of herself. She's then taken to a hospital, meanwhile: Mira travels with: other soldiers, Ling, and Mei to deliver a message personally. But after traveling through the mines and finding a village, they are attacked by the humonculoys: Envy. Fortunately, Sei and Scar easily stop him and trap him inside a bottle. They easily go ahead until Mira starts losing cautiousness, due to her soul being bound to a object. The team ends up carrying parts of her armor-body to a crossroads, there, Scar gives Envy to Mei, and tells her to go home and use it's body to find the secret to immortality, from it's body. She departs from them, but is easily tricked back to Topeka, due to Envy. Meanwhile, Scar seems to be causing deaths on both sides of the war, without care for either... The Nottingham soldiers also secretly send messages about the humonculous (as everyone's unsure who is and isn't, and which people are working under them...) Back with Yui, she makes a full recovery and heads off to the center of Kansas. Meanwhile, Lin has been alerted of what happened and has been searching for his daughter for weeks, he ends up meeting Mira and explaining to her about Father, the humonculos and their entire plan.  Knowing this, they easily home in on where they are, but must first set up a their "White Mage" to increase their chance to defeat them. Cirris and few other soldiers are sent to a hideout in the country to resonate with the other soldiers, Yui and Mira travel their too. Which causes Greed, Ling, Kimblee's men and other chimera AND Lin to all meet. Lin's saddened that his pure hearted daughter is now emotionless upon meeting him and re-affirms he will stop Father and bring her soul back. The team makes plans and split-up: Sadly, Mira is captured by Gluttony during her weakend/unconscious state and only finds out later, when Pride invades her armour body. Fortunately, they easily push it outside and attempt to kill the humonculous. But it consumes Gluttony, causing it to easily track the soldiers... Fortunately, Mira makes plans with Lin, and has him trap both of them inside a mountain. Yui and the others then leave to destroy Father, sadly... Kimblee finds and saves Pride, but Mira using a Philosopher stone, too: ends up saving her and the soldier with her. But Pride ends up eating Kimblee so he could live on and see how the humonculouses would change the world... Meanwhile, Yui and her team easily get to Father's lair... (after fighting through a army of zombie-like super soldiers and watching Sierro kill Envy..) But... Sierro's captured by Wrath and the others are literally thrown into Father's lair, sadly... Mira and her and Yui's teacher: Izumi, are sucked from whereever they are and into the hellish room. They're almost used when Lin starts to fight against the humonculous, but is incapacitated and is stuck watching as his daughter and the others are used in a alchemy circle! Sierro's dropped in too, as Wrath and Pride forced him to be part of a human reviving alchemy ritual. This let's Father turn into a giant, and suck the souls out of everybody in america, which let's him open the doors to Heaven and pulls God into himself! He powers-up into a golden-haired and eyed man. He shows off his eternal power, and almost kills his no longer needed sacrifices, when Lin starts a back-up plan to pull the souls out of him! This causes Father to implode the lair and leave to use his powers... Meanwhile, Pride almost dies from his being used as part of the human alchemy ritual, and attempts to takes Yui's body. Kimblee stops him though, by saying he should have more pride than to take someone else's body. This cause him to immediately start rotting and Yui alost murdering him, until her-herself stops er mind/body. Causing him to reincarnate into a fetus... Meanwhile, the few living people start to fight back against Father. Sierro, Mira, Touka, Ling/Greed, Mei, Olive, Armstrong, Izumi, Curtis and many Soul Hoshi Soldiers all try to atrack the Humonculous, but Father easily reconstructs everything they do. Meanwhile, Scar kills Wrath and comes up to join the battle, luckily, the ritual the humonculouses did was completed wrong (as Sierro never tried to create a human but was forced into the circle) and caused Father to drop in power, letting Greed invade him to take over his body. But Father kills him during this, fortunately, this drops his power greatly and allows everybody to finally attack until, he exerted alot to nearly kill everybody... This caused him to stagger for a philosopher stone, and almost consume Yui's altered body... Sadly, she was pinned to wall by her her arm, and had no way to free herself. Mira then sacrifices herself to bring back Yui's soul... This caused the girl to use Soul Star and easily beat Father until he coughed up God, he then was sealed inside himself?... Truth then trapped him inside hell for what he did the Earth... meanwhile, Yui sacrifices her Alchemy abilities to bring back Mira. After this, Yui and Mira were nursed bak to health and the incident was filed as a war, but not between two Soul Hoshi's... The BFFs were then sent to go and pick up Cirris, then return to Nottingham... Yui and Mira returned to the hideout to pick him up, Cirris opens the door and Yui immediately leaps on him, saying she loves him... Much to Mira's confusion...

Titans Arc

These are the supporting characters for the Titans Arc Pixie is a oldman who tries to utilize Yui's ability to turn into a Titan, he's the only person besides her team who believes in her powers. Levi Ackerman is a badassed Titan killer and leader of his own group, he mostly does a mission and sadly has no choice but to drop off his friends' bodies to survive himself... Kirsten is a Topeka Soul Hoshi Soldier who's a little, rough with the Nottingham soldiers and his fellow soldiers, luckily he's at least a decent soldier. Nes is a Topeka soldier who fights along with his, partner, Siss, sadly, he's murdered by the female Titan while working under the captain who commands the creature/soldier.. Christian is a woman who cares greatly for everyone she sees, and who's love is beyond what anyone could possibly understand, similar to Yui, she's pure-hearted and inspite of her more quiet personality, has love strong enough to express it like Yui. Ana is a woman who is hired to kill people in the Titan's experiment, and has been trained through this life by her father, she sadly took the Titan tea and murders many soldiers and civilians, up until Fusagi finally destroys her Titan body quicker than she could regenerate, the woman's like a older/rougher version of Yui and she's also the only re-occurring character in this arc.

Titan Arc Concepts

Titans: are giant humonculouses created by the USA, for a experiment, they are watched and maintained by CP13 and use human bases to have alternate forms. Abnormal Titans: Are humonculouses that act different than the others, normally they walk, pick up and eat people, but the abnormals can run and leap-show behaviour not normal for man-made humonculouses.Titan tea: is what the USA uses to create alternate Humonculouses, this given to a handful of Salem Soldiers to create the collosal, mecha and female titan, Stein also gives some to Yui too, creating a defiant Titan/Yui titan. Walls: are the walls/barriers around Salem, Minnesota, which protect the few people left from the Titans. Giant forest: is a forest where the trees even overcome the Titans, this is the area where they attempt to capture Ana/Female Titan. 3D Gear: Is equipment made to help Soldiers who can't fly, to fight Titans, The Nottingham soldiers and few others don't use this, Yui even uses her Kae energy instead of even Flying the entire time. 


Weeks after the Alchemist Arc, the soldiers have fun in spite of the past events. Though, they use Cirris as a "Lightning Rod" because of his not being a killer, and him somewhat turning Yui into a pervert (due to Fusagi finding his porn, telling Yui and her wanting to get closer to him through this) This makes life harder for him, during his time there... Up until Nottingham gets another mission.

Titans Arc Evens

Alright,  it starts off with Yui talking to her friends, about Cirris: They're talking about their boyfriends, and despite Fusagi being ticked off at Kirik, she's suspiscious of Cirris, too. The psychic sneaks in his room and finds his porn... Later, the soldiers are given a mission to save Salem from Titans! But, Fusagi exposes Cirris during this, causing most soldiers to hate him (due to betraying the pure-hearted Yui.) While others thinks it's hilarious, Yui doesn't say anything and Stein tells them to leave, but calls Yui back to give her some juice(?), to which Yui thinks nothing off, other than it seemingly being, tea? Later, the soldiers are ready to fight and have been equipped with 3D gear and thick blades to cut off Titan heads. Despite everything going well, the Collosal Titan appears and kicks a hole in the wall! Smaller titans swarm in, while Yui attacks the colossal titan, but it disappears before Yiui lands a hit. She then joins the others and helps fight until her leg's bitten off while she tries to save a Salem soldier. The soldier still gets up when she sees Mira being swallowed by Titan Claus! Luckily, she leaps to it and throws Mira out of it's mouth, but due to excerting energy: is unable to get out herself, and is swallowed... Mira snaps out of shock later on, and tells the others what happened... Causing Fusagi to excite the soldiers and lead them off to finish their mission, unfortunately, she excerts to much power to purposely fall and let herself get eaten... until a giant-naked girl Titan came and punched another Titan's head off! Mira arrives and notices the titan killing the other, and the soldiers lead her to kill more. Later, they saved a tower that was covered by titans and notice the girl was being eaten, but kills the others despite this, and tears off the Abnormal titan's head, who ate the other soldier, earlier... It falls and decomposes, revealing Yui?!! Fusagi hurrily grabs her, and the soldiers are quickly surrounded! The Salem soldiers assume the Nottingham soldiers are with the ones whi created the gigantic humonculouses... But, before they're shot down: captain Pixie comes and saves them, revealing: if they WERE evil/against Salem, there's no reason to for them to try to convince them otherwise, as Yui could kill them in Titan forme anyway. He later assigned them to a mission, where Yui was to seal the hole in the wall, while they killed the surrounding Titans. Yui gets control over her Titan body and moves it, as her friends and comrades fight off the Titans. She places it, but is exposes after the body decomposes, but is saved by Levi and his team. After this, they're invited to the surveuy corps: and is ttaught by Nes and his brother: Sis(?). They're unfortunately murdered by the Female Titan, when the soldiers go out to the Giant Forest. Mira's almost attacked by the Female Titan but is left alone? She's further sved by Kirsten and Christen and figures something's up with the female titan... Meanwhile, Yui followed Levi's team into the giant forest and is told to not save the people being killed by the female titan who's chasing them. She's finally caught, but calls other Titans to eat her body before Levi finds out who was in the Titan body. Levi's team is killed after this, while giving chaee, the Female titan suddenly appears too, to finish the team off! Yui angrily transforms and attacks her, but is alost eaten by the Titan! Fusagi luckily arrives in time to save Yui, via slitting open the Titan's mouth. The female Titan simply cries as Fusagi takes Yui away, they then find out that the one's behind the Humonculouses were attacking Salem! The soldiers head back and try to fight off CP13 Meanwhile, Cirris, who was resonating with everyone he could, saw the leader of CP13 trying to attack Yui from behind while she was fighting someone else... He remembers what he did, him apologizing, her forgiveness and the fact that Yui probably fought earlier and was tired... andran out to stop him! Unfortunately, he murders Cirris. Yui immediately feels his death and turns into Princess! Princess murders all members of CP13, and immediately starts to bring Cirris back, Lin realized what she was doing and begged her to stop: explaining that if she gives her life, she'll die. Cirris wouldn't be happy! Princess angrily replies that she has no choice and was ready to murder everybody who'd object, Lin then hurrily tells her that the Kami of Life left a sword in the world, and that using it would bring someone back as that was his power (It's like a extra life/1up). Princess told him he better be right... then cried until she fell asleep... They take the unconscious Yui and Cirris back to the Academy.

Pein Arc

These are the supporting characters for the Pein Arc: Yajirobe is a volunteer for Soul Hoshi Nottingham, he helped fight before andis forced to now, thanks to Pain's invasion. Fatass is Yajirobe's son, inspite of this being a insult, he accepts the nickname as it's affectionally applied by everybody at the academy(except Yui, Cirris and Fusagi...). The villains are Pain and many cadavers, more rather his team which he murdered so he could use his Manipulated energy in them. Human path directly fights and is easy to use, due to him being nasty before death. Ghost Path was also a evil person, so his body was easy to manipulate after deatg. Anima was the only good person in the team and last of the paths that were most important to the arc, she was similar to Yui, except her kindness was in animals, after death she's the hardest to control and only summons giant animals which can be murdered easily. Pain is a cadaver but the main puppet for Nagato, the leader of CP60, he trained then murdered his team to manipulate their bodies at their fullest, he also attacks Hoshi City and Soul Hoshi Academy to rid the gonvernment of the only Soul Hoshi Academy that defies them, but gets all his puppets broken and is found by Yui, she forgives him, but he suffers a quick death anyway...

Pein Arc: Concepts

Kami of Life: Is the god that creates life, he left items that literally restores life without any side-effect or punishment, similar to the White-Lamps, his sword of life revives Cirris and is used by Yui from then on. Sword of Life: Is the blade Yui looks for and the reason she isn't back to save Hoshi City in time, she's able to save Cirris though. Chakra: Is what CP60 uses to manipulate elements and bodies, similar to Kae energy, it can be used in many ways, Yui and the others learn how to use it after watching Pain fight. Gravity attack: Is Pain's ultimate attack where he can control everything within a mile of him, by manipulating the gravity around him, he uses this to murder many people in the invasion, but needs a small interval to charge again. Life Ninjutsu: Is the technique Nagato uses after Yui convinces him to change his life, he brings everybody back via only taking their souls, nobody's bodies were injured beyond repair and returning them back to their bodies saves everyone. Shadow Clone Jutsu: The technique Yui uses to make clones of herself during the fight, after watching Pain, she learns how to control chakra and easily makes shadowclones to help her distract him alone with... Substitute: Which she uses to hide herself for a surprise attack. Lady: Is the forme Yui changes into when she tries to control Princess, it causes her to transform into a woman in a black dress and fishnets, she's still as powerful but is easier to control, it's a painful to stay in though...

A week after the Titan Arc, Yui and Fusagi have left to find the Sword of Life. Everybody's kinda getting along without the 2 and many other soldiers that left, until Pain attacks...

Pein Arc Events

Alright, Yui and Fusagi have left for the blade, and most of the other original Soldiers and Avatars are also out on missions. Leaving the pregnant Momo with her BFF: Robin, and few volunteers... Everything's alright, until Pain suddenly attacks! He destroys much of Hoshi City with his gravity Powers, then sends out the 6 Branches of Pain! Human path straight up murders people, while Ghost path fires missiles, Anima path creates giant summons to crush people during this. Volunteers and new soldiers attempt to help, including Fatass and Yojirobe. But are almost killed by Pain himself, until Lin comes! They fight together, and destroy Ghost Path, but Lin's almost murdered by Pain. The villain then kills Yojirobe and revives Ghost path to finish his son, then fatally wounds Lin. The philosopher realizes how Pain's manipulated energy works, and telepethically tells Fatass, telling him to tell the others, as he can't extend his ability, now... Fatass leaves, but Ghost path attempts to kill him! Lin uses the last of his energy to reconconstruct the missile, then falls into coma... Meanwhile, Yui feels his nearing death, and despite finding the Sword Of Life, heads back to Hoshi City... Back there, the volunteers catch Anima path, and realize she's dead, they also recognize the girl and deduce that someone has taken her body and is controlling it with chakra rods that are placed throught it's body... Fatass comes and tells them how Pain's gravity attack works too, and the volunteers try their stragedy based on the fact that it takes time to charge. They also tell Momo, who is telepathically calling the soldiers back to Nottingham, while resonating with Robin to heal the fighters. People continue dying, and their souls being collected by Reaper Ninjutsu until... Yui arrives, the girl keeps calm (to avoid Princess' coming to kill not only Pain, but punish the others, too...) and fights Pain!  Fusagi resonates to help her, and Yui destroys Ghost and the revived Anima path. While the others are murdered, Yui is able to straight up fight Pain without any other Jutsu, but he pins her via Gravity, and starts to stab rods into her. Causing Fusagi to attack, but is murdered by the ungodly strong cadaver, Yui turns into Lady, and nearly destroys the city along with Pain, causing him-Nagato to try a jutsu that seals the opponent into a fake moon... Lady nearly breaks out, while Yui suffers from horrific pain, from keeping Princess in... Fortunately, Lin arrives via telepathy and his his ability to seal Princess, though he warns Yui this might hurt more... She agrees to this and fights Pain once more, she starts to attack, until he uses his Gravity power. She then strikes again, but countsdown how long the attack takes to charge, having learned about this from Lin... During this, she also learns how to control Chakra and uses Shadow Clone jutsu to fling herself at the villain, he easily knocks her away, but is surrounded by the many she created before hand, that pretended to be rocks! Even after using his Gravity power again, to break those clones, Yui was flung into him via others that hid, she destroys the cadaver completely!! Then senses Nagato's Chakra, abd runs to his hiding place... The others finally arrive there, and noticed Yui going to the CP60 leader, Zolo and Sei tell her to stop and that she should kill him, rather than talk like she always does... Yui explains that she wanted to help the man too, as much as she wanted to help Hoshi City and is left to find him... Upon arriving, she convinces Nagato to change his life (after hearing why he joined CP60) he first brings everybody back, via a dangerous Ninjutsu, that pours people's souls back into their bodies, alon with healing them to a healthy state... But is cut in half by Zolo, much to Yui's dismay... But, she now can finally bring Cirris back! Yui gets his body and brings it to the Sword of Life, the others watch in curiosity and excitement, as she brings Cirris back! The teen is surprised, upon the last thing he remembers, is trying to protect Yui, she explains what happened, and he thanks her. After the crowd leave the (awkward/funny) couple, Cirris' feelings of not being able to help her is felt, though Yui hugs him, vowing to never let him be hurt again!

Soul Society Arc

These are the supporting characters for this arc: Captain of 13 Gotei is the exactly as his title implies, he is the leader of the Soul Society and controls the captains and soldiers in it, the Soul Reapers refer to the soldiers of the Soul Society and few of the people who left Soul Hoshi to join them. Espada are the Hallow who joined Sosuke Stein, upon him betraying Soul Hoshi, the ghosts attempt to kill Soul Hoshi soldiers upon them infiltrating Huecos Mundos, but most are murdered there, the ones that leave to fight them on Earth are also murdered. Ulquirro is one of the strongest Espada and the nihilist that nearly murders Yui, Mira and Fusagi, up until Lady arrives... Kainen is a clone of Yui made via DNA Stein stole from her, she use to be a ghost-hallow until Stein forced her into the clone body to bring it life, she has similar feelings to Yui because of this, but straight-up falls for her boyfriend as she was always in a abusive relationship in life, and can date Cirris without any problem, except he IS  already with Yui, the clone ends up being important later on, too... The Visored are a group of Soul Reapers that have been experimented on by Stein and kicked out of the Soul Society, the ones that stand out/reappear are... Mashiro who tries to be a Superhero with her new Hallow powers and helps fight a great many Hallows in the war, but heavily incapacitated during the fight... Anatasia is another soldier that is stressed/ticked off about this, and shows visible signs of it physically and through her straight-up hatred towards Stein, she sadly gets burificated because of her feelings and nearly dies, though she becomes important later, too, (as mentioned: there are different versions of the story-of which her roles become more apparent or casual, depending on if it's the original or the current version, respectively) her feelings for Cirris and what she does later are heavily changed/exposed depending on this.

Soul Society Arc: Concepts

Soul Reapers: Are the souls that have died and been reincarnated as Death Gods, similar to Chiba, they takes souls to the afterlife, but also fight the warped ones that can't let go of their previous lives and turn Hallow... Hallows: are the saddened or angry souls who are trapped in this world, they either destroyed are forcibly brought into a limbo like area... Arrancar: Are a level of Hallow after one eats others in the hellish area of Limbo, and turns into a humanlike form... Espada: are the nane of the Arrancar Stein has put in his control, via usurping their kingdom from the Hallow King and telling them of his plans to invade/take over the world. Gape: Is the portal to and fro Earth and the Afterlife, and is the only way to go without death... Huecos Mundos: is Limbo, rather the home of the now evil ghosts that roam it, they made area where they somewhat live as humans but are incredibly barbaric, when Stein usurps it, they somewhat act as a military unit, but after his death, it's left to suffer. Huecos Mudos Castle: used to be king's but is Stein's place for stragedizing his evil plans to take Heaven... Precipice World: is the area where time and space are at their edge, moments in there feels like years, or at least coming out will make you arrive earlier at a destination, Lin uses this to help Yui when Stein evolves. Reishi: Energy spirits use, similar to Ki and Chakra, except this can be used to form the many powers Soul Reapers and other souls use, even alive beings use this while in the Soul Society and Huecos Mundos, using a Soul Reaper robe shows how much is used and allows the wearer to use this and not their physical energy. Release: When Espada use their 2nd forms- super forms, Ulquirro has two of these... Spirit King: Is God, according to what Stein says, this is another title for Him and he could easily have usurped the throne of heavens from Him. Hou Tentai: is a orb certain people have, which allows the possessor to grant whatever they desire upon knowing it exists and having the power to grant it, Cirris has many of these and it's exposed once Stein takes one... Final Soulgatensho: When Yui controls Lady and goes into forme where she's able to use Princess' power, this is the ability that stops Stein, but injures Yui horribly...

Everything seems to be peaceful after the Pein Arc, until Fusagi gets a visit one night...

Soul Society: Events

OK... everything's going peaceful until Stein goes missing, which upsets the Pregnant Momo. Robin tries to convince her BFF he's fine, but... the woman can't help but be overjoyed at the sight of seeing him gain in Hoshi City. Stein comforts his wife, and suddenly stabs through her stomach!!! His friend: Gin came up then and they leave to go through with his plan... Until Chiba arrives, having immediately sensed her energy dropping, after a heated conversation he immediately finds her dying! Stein easily incapacitates the shinigami too... After this, Robin and Ana arrives and start healing the the two... Ana then use a power called inquisition, alerting everyone of what happened. During this, it's unbeknownst that Fusagi was kidnapped days earlier and was unable to alert her friends for fear of them being caught up in her family affairs... Now: upon learning of Stein's betrayel, the soldiers are alert to him and his also being a Soul Reaper in the Soul Society. They started a search but was unable to find him, up until they immediately learned of Cirris' kidnapping! Yui found him inside the academy and learned why this happened: Cirris holds  Hou Tentai inside himself, something that grant anything, and Cirris so happens to produce many of them and was the closest to them to have one. Stein explains he was going to extract from him via a complicated process as forced removal could cause the holder's death which in turns destroy all the Hou Tentai they possessed. Yui and the other soldiers attempt stopping him, but are beaten back by Gin and Stein's other guard: Kaname. Stein pulls out a Hou Tentai and states that Cirris should be murdered as he's uneeded to him now. Gin almost kills him, when Sierro and and the Soul Reaper: Byakku saves him! Yui tries to directly fight Stein too, but is nearly cut in half! He then opens a Gape in the sky, many Hollows swarm out to keep the Soul Reapers from following Gin, Kaname and Stein's ascent as he claims he was to take the throne of Heaven. After this, Soul Hoshi teams up with the Soul Society and make a plan to rescue Fusagi and stop Stein. Yui, Mira and Kirik are sent to directly find Fusagi in Heucos Muendos while the others aren't sent on other missions to fix the damage left behind by Stein's betrayel. They almost reach the castle, when Seirro arrives with Cirris arrive too! They blast inside and split-up to find Fusagi's energy and save her... After fighting lower ranked Espada, the team easily beat the Arrancar that were hired into Stein's army... Mira ad Kirik easily beaat their Espada and recieve help from a Soul Society scientist, Yui meets Ulquirro and is nearly murdered by him, just to be healed by Fusagi who was brought to help by another Espada who wanted to kill Yui at full power. Yui easily beats him though and the Espada is killed by another who saw his failure, he and his helper almost killed Yui when Vassago arrived and destroyed both of them. Fusagi heals her friends before the get ready to join the others... Meanwhile, Cirris ran into a clone of Yui Marking his meeting Kainen and the stalking that arrived afterwards, luckily he got away from the girl before she seduced him with a body similar to his Girlfriend's... Meanwhile, Yui carries Fusagi around the castle until Ulquirro finds them! He attacks attempting to destroy Yui, as two other Espada come up to torture Fusagi until... Another giant one breaks into the room! He kills the other two for un and almost kills Fusagi too, until Mira shoots him in the face! He fell backwards through holes in the floor, via mines Mira planted earlier... Yui seeing Mira was there and able to protect Fusagi, decides to use her full power, which easily causes Ulquirro to fly up out of the castle... Yui flies after him, and sees him standing atop the the castle. He uses his release, revealing his huge batwings ad horns, he then tells her to stay on guard or she'd die. Then almost kills Yui after charging her! Yui is almost killed by Ulquirro as Sierro, Kirik and Cirris fight the Giant demon below... Mira and Fusagi get curious of Yui's battle and the psychic volunteers to fly them to the top of the castle as Mira's already tired from battling... Back at the top, Yui's hanging on, but is being choked out by Ulquirro. He gets fustrated as Yui still tries to fight him, and uses his 2nd release! Yui is surprised at his satanic form but tries to attack, ...Meanhile, everybody feels the Reishi of his 2nd form and wonders what could possibly be happening atop the castle... Mira and Fusagi fly through the ocean of negative-energy and reach the top to see Ulquirro holding Yui up with his tail, then shooting a hole through her chest!!! Fusagi runs to catch her when he crops her seemingly lifeless body... but Ulquirro tries to stop her claiming se's already dead and healing would be useless. Mira tries to fight him off but easily beaten by the Espada, Fusagi freaks as her best friends were dying, until... Yui stood again!!! Princess easily destroys Ulquirro and turns on Fusagi and Mira when she starts mutilating the body-something Mira tried to stop as Yui herself wouldn't go that far... But Ulquirro tries a desperate-attack causing a huge explosion!!! Princess is knocked out, Ulquirro stands once more... but his body began disintegrating... Princess reverts back into Yui, and her body's completely healed... She gets up and notices that Mira's hurt and Ulquirro's beaten? After learning what happen, she offers to heal him... but he claims he only wants to fight and kill her, ending thier match before he died... He then looks at Fusagi claiming, he understands what heart was now... and dies... While the girls healed eachother above... The others were fighting the giant arrancar below, while the rest of the Nottingham Academy and the Soul Society fought Stein at a fake Soul Hoshi City which Money set up earlier... Stein claims he knew it was fake, and planne to come to kill the entire gotei 13, the Nottingham army THEN go back to the real city and ascend to heaven... Both sides fought hard, back in Hueco Muendos the giant Espada hrew Cirris, almost making him crash int the ground, but Yui saves him and goes to destroy the giant... She tries at turning into Lady, but can't... And starts losing the fight up until Vassago and Byakko arrives, telling her to head to Hoshi City as she's needed more ther. They say they'd heal the others there and kill the Espada to which he gets angry at and gets larger... Yui is sent through a gape with Robin and heads back to the city... there: she tries to get back, but the path is sparsed and scattered... Robin exlains it's made up of Reishi, and normally people with normal amount and cam energy would've made a decent path to run on... Yui explans that thay couldn't heal energy, and that evidence of this was that her shinigami robe never fixed after her fight... Robin began to heal her and explain Stein's Manipulated Energy to her, and that she must never look at him when he uses it. Meanwhile, the Soul Hoshi soldiers and Soul Reapers beat the Espada as the Captain of the Gotie 13 uses a wall of fire to block the Stein, Gin and Kaname from interfering with their fight.  After they start falling, Stein becomes bored and fans the wall of fire away, he then opens a Gape and allows a giant penis to ease through over Hoshi City! It spews many Hollows to get rid of the hurt fighters there... Another crack appears in the sky then, the Gape spews out the Visored! They attakc the hollows, killing them easily! Mushiro destroys the penis too, keeping more Hallow from spewing into the battlefield.  The Visored then directly come at Stein, Anantasia angrily attacks first with little aggravation and is burificated!!! Her captain freaks, and redies a attack on Stein, the Soul Reapers and Soul Hoshi Soldiers join in! Yui almost defeats him one-hit upon breaking through the Gape! Stein blocks her attack though and claims that even if everybody attacked him at once, it would result in his winning... Everybody attacked except Yui, and easily land a mortal blow! Yui alerts them that they've hurt Momo!! And everybody snaps out of the trance to find that he tricked them via his Manipulated Energy, Chiba angrily comes at the real Stein, while the others tell him to stop and calm down... Stein sees they're all open and fataly wounds all of them!!! He then prepares to leave, when the captain f the 13 Gotie attacked! Stein sics his Espada especially made to fight him, after the Captain and watches as it absorbs all his attacks, the Captain easily defeats him with hand-to-hand combat, but the Espada explodes, the Captain has to stop the explosion with his body, as letting it go, would have easily killed the other soldiers and Soul Reapers... this left him open to Stein... Until Yui attacked!!! Stein easily blocks her and claims she'll never hurt him as he's faster and could read her mind... he then almost reveals a important fact... when Lin takes her away!!! The philosopher tells her not to listen to him as he'll mess with her head... They come out of their hiding place to see Stein being wrapped in a human shaped cocoon... Gin tries to defend him from Yui and Lin, until a ex-Soul Reaper: Uruhara and a Soul Hoshi soldier: Yourichi arrives. They and Lin try to murder Stein as Gin tries to kill Yui! Uruhara shot many spells at Stein, but the scientist easily breaks through them and beats the team back, until his cacoon cracked... He then leers as they couldn't feel his energy anymore, and were unable to guage what they should do, and were severly injured... Stein leaves with Gin, claiming he'd be back to eat Yui... She watched him leave and wondered why everybody else was so calm: as his Reishi was insane... Lin happily explains that they COULDN'T feel it as it was too high, and the fact that she could, means she could beat him! Yui wonders at what he meant... Meanwhile, Stein and Gin enter Hoshi City and prepare to ascend, but have fun first watching the citizens disintegrate to nothing via Stein simply passing by them.. until they run into Volunteers who stayed behind... He began to torment them, until... Gin fires hs blade through him!!! The man explains that he was never with him, and wanted revenge for hat he did his his friend: Riku... He then rips the Hou Tentai out of him and leaves a deadly poison within Stein's body... Stein quickly disintegrates as Gin hid... but the Scientist easily finds him and tears his arm off then stabs through his heart... He reclaims the Hou Tentai: explaining it still recognized him as it's master and even stealing it wouldn't change the fact... He flies away with his 6 wings and prepares to ascend. Meanwhile, Yui and Lin stopped in the Gape: her dad explains that this was part of the Precipice world and that time moved faster inside than it would outside, here, he would teach Yui how to control her powers... but it would come at a great cost...  Later, Stein was prepares to ascend, until a Gape opened, revealing Lady carrying Lin out of it!!! The volunteers, Soldiers, Riku, Gin and Stein were surprised at the fact that they could sense no Reishi or Ki from her?? Lady then tells Stein to cease his plans... Stein laughs and says that she has no energy and trading it all off for raw physical strength wouldn't help her. Lady tells him she wants to fight far away from everyone... and to choose a battleground... Stein laughed saying only he could make a claim as that, but before he could finish, Lady grabs his face, flies over a desert and throws him to the ground! Stein is beyond pissed off and prepared to kill her, he swung his blade as Lady used her arm to defend! Stein laughs at how the shockwave from his blade is destroying the landscape, and Lady retorts that it's her arms when she hits his blade! Stein angrily attacks, using different techniques and spells to trap her, but she easily breaks everything and destroys his arm!!! Stein angrily yells that she was a arrogant human, and the Hou Tentai opens a third eye on his forehead, and gave him 6 more heads: changing him into a kinshin!!! The two foought until he caught Lady again, he prepares to kill her, until she explains she was trying to see how strong Stein would get with the Hou Tentai as she was curious of it... but had to stop him now... She easily broke his attack and rose high over the ground saying Mugetsu, she then used Final Soulgatensho which darkens the sky! It then lets the sun shine once more to reveal Stein fatally wonded.... He laughs as Lady reverts back to Yui... then prepares to stab her, when a spike tears through him! Uruhara comes to explain that the spells he let him hit him with, were seals and though they couldnt activate then, Yui lowered his power enough to allow them to seal him. Stein cursed him out and asks why he let God rule over him, Uruhara explains that He's needed and that even if he got to the throne, it would severally injure the universe... Stein cursed him out until the Hou Tentai fell from him... Uruhara explains he was no longer it's master and he was human again... Stein continued to be spiked until the seal kills him! After this... Yui is laid down at home, and finds out that forcing her power back has severly injured her... and would shut-off her ki, Chakra and Reishi... She would only have her normal strength and shouldn't help do any more missions until she healed enough to at very least use her blade... During this time, Vassago and Byaku returned to their current Academies as every Hollow in the army was destroyed, the fake Hoshi City was broken down and Robin healed all Soldiers, Soul Reapers and Visoreds... At this time, Yui trains Cirris to fight before her power dropped...

Shippuden Arc

The few new characters introduced are... Yourichi, she technically came in the Soul Association Arc, but was not introduced and only fought in a few scenes, she helps fight here, and is only in the exams part, like Anatasia, she had a bigger part too and it may be explained later. Midoriya: is the teacher in the Soul Hoshi Exam, this consistently sick man merely narrates the the fighters who're facing off and who won a match, he isn't shown again.. Sound Soldiers: are more so filler, they use sound based attacks and are for fights that weren't shown, these guys are the ones who fight fatass, Sierro and another soldier. Tenten: Is a soldier that uses scrolls that defy space and create anything from within them, she was ment to be reoccuring but her role extends to only being beaten by Mashiro. Kabaya and Aki are Cirris' opponents, Aki is a dog and counted as a tool, so is used to help fight Cirris, but they are beaten by his extensive use of Chakra. Gaara is a Sahara Soldier who seems as dark as you might initially think, but his true personality is shown in his match with Yui, where he quickly recognizes her power and ceases to attack before she's injured, later he's seen being incredibly kind to her boyfriend when Soul Hoshi fights against the USA army. Tobi: is a CP666 agent who thinks nothing of other human beings, he's also able to single-handedly hold back most of the Soul Hoshi army by himslf. Obito: was Lin's friend, but due their other friend, Rin liking Lin AND a dangerous incident happening, causing half of his body to be decimated, Obito was unable to achieve what he wanted in life until he met Michilis, who used him up until now, his body is now 50% Black zetsu, he's only being kept up by the creature, he fortunately snaps out of it by the time the arc started and tries to make up for everything until he sacrifices his life for Lin... Kami: the gods of all associated Soul Hoshis team up to help fight the USA army and the Soul Hoshis who joined them,  sadly, by the time the war half of the arc starts, they are beaten swallowed into the god-eating mechanism for Michilis to manipulate, fortunately, Gaara helps the Kami of Defense save the others and Penance too, they end up possessing Cirris due to his many Hou Tentai, making him a perfect vessel for them, like this, many decisions and things Cirris says is because of the confidence they gave him his powers are amped up significantly too! Sage: is the son of the kinshin shown later, he explains the history behind Soul Star to Mira and Cirris. Michilis Elric: is the leader of CP:666 and Mira's great Grandfather and a more evil part of the family, he manipulated many in his messiah complex thanks to ancient text he and the US government found, he passed many trials even rebelling against death to live until the events of the arc, the only thing left was to sacrifice family to show his determination to become the saviour, to which he tries to kill Mira to do, fortunately she survives this... unfortunately, showing this determination allows him to get allmighty power from the world, and he tries to create the tree of knowledge of good and evil to take over the world, this in turns allow him to do so for only a brief few minutes... White Zetsu: is the perfect specimen according to Kaguya, and is the Zetsu who's helping Michilis usurp Earth, he stops after the plan goes far enough where his twin can finish up, Obito's body is also made out of White Zetsu too... Black Zetsu: is Kaguya's blood as Black blood is to Asura, but, the parasite like child was unable to forsee his mother being sealed, and quickly worked hard to find a way to save her, he manipulated texts and people to make the government believe they were going to ascend to being gods via using Michilis as a saviour, he tricked him and Obito to continuing this up until Michilis' body was ready for his mother's revival, he merely taunts the soldiers after this, but is sealed up with her... Kaguya: is the next Kinshin after Asura and had become obsessed with the madness of Love which made her have great sex with her husband, but proceed to rape everyone she find likeable, including coming at her children, until they hid and found a way to seal her, Kaguya then birthed two more children after this, White Zetsu who was based on her idea of the perfect mate and the result of people she raped, and, Black Zetsu who was more of a parasite that worked hard to revive the kinshin, once Michilis trapped everybody, she was able to absorb enough energy to take over his body and resurrect herself, she tries to stop the final obstacles in her way, but sees Yui and Mira as her children/want to rape them more than kill them, the reason for her power and madness gets her sealed again in the moon, with a kinshin and a certain child, the kinshin makes a reappearance again, but under a different name...

Shippuden Arc: Concepts

Exams: Refer to a test-tournament for the Soul Hoshi Soldiers, it's to see who strong enough to be on the front lines and who would be support to keep the death counts low... 8Gates: The technique Yui learns upon not being able to work on the field, she does this to lift Cirris' spirits as well as beat Gaara, she stops at the 7th gate but is injured due to doing this, Zolo watches her-learns it too and opens the 8th gate which almost kills him. Dead Soldiers: Refers to all the revived soldiers thanks to Chakra, their bodies are still crumbled and deteriorated as they weren't brought back by White-magic nor a god... Kamui: is how Lin saved Fatass and others during Pein's attack, it killed him last time, but using it a full power, he's able to send objects and people into other areas or disintegrate them, depending on their energy, he even created world between dimensions to hide Obito and Fusagi in, but Michilis invades it later... Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: is what Kaguya created to make the perfect specimen to sex, but it was destroyed when she was sealed, after this, Michilis made it and sealed everybody, this started to turn most of Earth's population into White Zetsu, and drained enough energy to resurrect Kaguya. Sharingan: A eye/technique that allows the possessor to copy any technique they see, unlike copying what you see/learn, this allows the user to copy it without any knowledge, both of Michilis' and Kaguya's eyes are Sharingan... Rinnegan: A eye/technique that's a ancestor of the Sharingan, it can create any material upon the user seeing their target and having the power to manipulate what they see, Michilis and Kaguya have this as they're third eye.. Infinite Tsugomi: is the technique Michilis uses with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to take over Earth and trap everybody in their dreams, unbeknonst to him, it was a temporary thing and it was only to absorb their victims' energy, turn them into White Zetsus and revive Kaguya. Soul Star: Is the technique of God, as mentioned, it performs miracles with any technique the user already knows, it's explained here that it's original purpose and use was solely for healing and saving people, but has been manipulated since the ancient times... Yui's Bra: Is a sentimental gift to Cirris, in the parody, it's explicit that Yui is completely flat-chested and that she simply uses bandages to cover her breasts, but when Cirris is sent out to fight, she gives it to him to build his confidence and to use as a ninja headband, she only tells him what it is, after he wraps it on, this gives him confidence and is the reason he tries so hard even alost to death, until the Kami help him.


Weeks after the Soul Society Arc, the US government finds the location of Soul Hoshi Nottingham... And starts their plans to take over Earth, all Academies unalligned with any Government, joins Nottingham to train for this...

Shippuden: Events

So after the Soul Society arc, the US. government not only found out where Soul Hoshi Nottingham was, they launch a war to finally fulfill a prophecy they assume would save earth-turn them into gods. Meanwhile, Nottingham and few other Soul Hoshi academies who are un-alligned with the government have started a exam to see which soldiers would do what in the war. Of the fights, there were: Sierro VS a Sound soldier, in which he didn't take seriously. Mashiro VS Tenten, of which the Visord almost murders the soldier by mistake(if Yui didin't stop her). Yourichi VS Touka, of which since their both Nottingham soldiers, neither took fighting the other seriously. Then Cirris VS Kabaya and Aki, where Cirris was double-teamed but used Shadow Clone justsu and Soul Star to counter the soldier and his dog. Unfortunately Midoriya fouled him as Cirris used Soul Star to win, which could cause him to easily be killed, compared to the other soldiers Cirris used it for every attack... Yui was angered by this as Cirris DID legitimately win his fight and used Soul Star perfectly. Later, she decided to cheer him up during her fight... Gaara VS Yui had her fighting the soldier who had sand armour surrounding his body and the power to crush and bury opponents in it. Fortunately, Yui alerted Cirris to watch her as she not only revealed that her weighted gloves and boots slowed her down, but she could use 8 Gates! Yui EASILY beat Gaara, up to the point he completely stopped attacking. Sadly this resulted in her severly damaging her body and being taken away on a stretcher... Her friends were upset at Cirris as he indirectly causing more pain, up to te point that Zolo threaten his life if he wasn't going to be ale to fight his "rival" again... Later, everybody's assigned to a position after Midoriya's retired (due to being to sick to fight) Yui recovered and spoke to Cirris before he left on his spy position, she gave him her bra saying it would be like a ninja headband to go with his "ninja" mission. Cirris only found out that it was her bra after she explains when he puts it around his head! Cirris is now feeling confident/excited thanks to this, goes out to help! The Arc cuts to midway through the war, and Cirris is holding onto Penance Sama via Soul Star, while most of the other soldiers are being held back via Tobi! Michilis uses a Ninjutsuto help him snatch the kami into the god eater, which almost kills Cirris! Garaa noticed and flies him away to be healed, as he didn't excell in healing Soul Star, but not before the Kami of defence had told him him Penance Sama's plans and that He was actually split in two... Meanwhile, Obito had changed his mind about obeying Michilis further and decides to help his friend Lin-Soul Hoshi again, menwhile Gaara picks up Fusagi and carries her to Lin, telling her the situation and that half of Penance was inside him. And also what the Kami were planning, meanwhile... Michilis is ambushed by the dead soldiers, but easily beats them, he then fulfills the last of his rites to become God by murdering a family memeber: Mira. She had come to assassinate him, but he sensed her before she came... With this, White Zetsu tells him to go and retrieve the Sharingan eye from Obito as this was one of the last things needed to create the Tree-of-knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. Michilis leaves and arrives at the battleground where Lin and Obito already had a plan, after Obito announces his defying Michilis, Blak Zetsu explains it was the only thing keeping him alive and that he had no choice! Obito used his Soul Star to knock it unconscious and prepared to fight Michilis, to which Lin used Kamui before the agent striked! Meanwhile, Yui, Tenten and Zolo noticed the agent flew over and headed back to where he landed... At this moment, Yui and Zolo arrived ahead of Tenten and prepared to fight, it was then that Lin alerted them that only high-level Ninjutsu and Taijutsu could hurt Michilis, to which Zolo excitedly volunteered to use to kill him! He Opened every gate, and charged Michilis, kicking him HARD and starts launching shockwaves through him faster than the agent could auto-heal! Yui, Lin and Gaara helped him (as Michilis was going to launch a one-hit kill orb at the fighter) as he leaps at the agent and kicks him through the ground!!! This wasn't enough to kill him though as Micchilis still repaired, even after being kicked in half! It even made the agent laugh at his power as Zolo started to burn to death, Michilis decided to give him a merciful death by hitting him with a orb before he turned into ash. Meanwhile... Cirris and Mira awoke in a alternate dimension, where the Sage explains the reason for Soul Hoshi/Soul Star: It's the Hand Of God, which He taught the Kami to teach humans, as He knew sin would cause many pains and disasters. Soul Star was to create miracles and make life easier and possibly change the evil hearts of men via the telepathy, healing and resonance it encompasses. But it was manipulated by humans who were taught it by kind, trusting Soldiers and Avatars and weaponized. This lead to the start of Soul Hoshi, as now the soldiers were needed to kill people who misused it and stop disasters caused by the manipulaters and the government who shared the techniques with it's agents... This was made even worse with appearance of the first Kinshin, and the second: Kaguya which used it with their powerful/insane and vile souls. Now: only those who understood this truth and wanted fix this were able to save Earth and stop Michilis and the possible revival of the Kinshin! Cirris and Mira agreed they would, and every Kami possessed Cirris, giving him confidence he never felt before and incredible amounts of power! Now, he (and Fusagi) appears in front of Michilis' all-seeking orb and kicks it away, saving Zolo's life. Mira lands form the air, and they both prepare to kill the evil man. Michilis tries to fight back, but Mira and Cirris' abilities were too much, this caused him to distract them with a shadowclone and steal one of Lin's eyes, which can be reconstructed into a sharingan that he needed. After this, he used Kamui to go into the world between dimensions. While Cirris repaired Lin's eyes, Michilis rips out Obito's eye and completely turns into a god! He rips through the dimension and throws Obito to the ground, then creates the Tree of Knowledge Of Good And Evil!!! During this though he notices a face watching him, but continues his plans, which gives him a third eye-a Rinnegan ad turns him into a Kinshin! Mira notices the Infinte Tsumi happening and hides their group... meanwhile, everybody else in the world, excluding the dead soldiers, the clone: Kainen and strangely, Yui... were all forced to sleep... Meanwhile, Mira had protected Herself, Lin, Fusagi and Cirris, and the three agreed they had to murder Michilis to wake everybody up. After Mira lifts her Roc barrier, Michilis announced he won the fight and it would be nothing to kill them or simply knock them out and make tem a part of the tree, he further says he saved Earth as everyone was asleep: there would be no more fighting and everybody is dreaming of what they wanted the most. Cirris explains that it was all fake though and keeping the Earth like this would be disasterous, Michilis scoffs ad says it's too late as he already won... when Blackzetsu stabs him in the back! When Michilis questions why his creation betrayed him, it explains that he was't his creation and that he had manipulated the world: the tect the government read was NOT directing them to chosing him as the messiah, it had rewrote the text to trick them. Massive amounts of chakra began springing from the Earth and sleeping people and into Michilis, Causing his body swell horrifically, the soldiers watch in horror as it shaped into Kaguya!!! Black Zetsu slithered back into her sleeves and she commented on how she missed being out of her seal and missed her children, of who somewhat looked like Cirris and Mira. She held thier faces, but upon them stappeing back (knowing she would rape them...) she immediately tried to kill everyone via changing the area into lava! The soldiers barely saves themselves and Obito, when Cirris gets a sneak attack in on her via using a reverse Harem justu! After this, they immediately start fighting, until Kaguya realized that the Sage-her son had put a mark on Cirris and Mira's hands, indicating if they both ever touched her, she'd immediately be sealed. So she warped herself and Cirris to a ice world, then Mira to a sand one. Cirris continued fighting until Lin and Fusagi tried to help him, they got warped to dimension between the others, causing Fusagi and Obito to work together to try opening a portal back to that one, meanwhile Kaguya decided to warp Cirris there too, and fired a one-hit-kill move: All-Killing-Bone-Ash, which seemingly murders him, she returned back to the ice dimension to ensure victory, but was unpleasantly surprised when the rocks and snow all turned into Cirrises?! She fired at them, but could never find the real one, until she decided to warp them back to the area between dimensions... Meanwhile, Fusagi found Mira but wasn't ble to keep the portal open long enough for Mira to get through, the demon girl luckily learned their technique and re-opened the portal to get through to them. Then were surprised to see Kaguya had appeared there, ready to kill them all, thanks to Black Zetsu telling her to not spare them anymore... She warps them all to a dimension with heavy gravity, to keep them from moving and tries to fire! Obito blocks Lin, sacrificing his life to save him! Cirris then avenges him by using his kami powers, forcing Kaguya to return to the dimension between dimensions to move again. Cirris and Mira attacked her, as she attempts to destroy the 4 left, until the she uses Soul Star, fortunately, Lin was partially possessed by Obito, giving him power enough to copy any move he saw... He created the kami Susanoo to help fight against the giant kinshin, while Cirris and Mira fought from the ground, this caused her to suddenly swell!!! The soldiers tried to stop her, but she quickly fixes herself before creating another dimension and prepares to kill them all straight-up via using them as ingredients for another dimension! Cirris and Mira suddenly leap at her, she fires all killing Bone ash as Cirris  but is tricked as He was in her shadow, firing wt Mira only showed her real body was coming from a alternate direction! She leaps to escape but is knocked back down by Fusagi, and is sealed!!! Kaguya cries as she is pulled into the moon, Cirris then throws Black Zetsu into it too, via Soulmeha, to ensure she never escapes again. All Kaguya's ninjutsu is undone and they appear in a healing world, created by the Sage. He explains peace would return and that love and forgiveness would fill their hearts, ...which was disproven by the Dead Soldiers choking out Michili' last breath via his own intestines... They then were warped back to Soul  Hoshi, where Yui showed Cirris the dreams of their friends on a date!

Vampire Arc

These are the side-characters who are introduced this arc: Rize: is a vampire who attempts to eat Cirris but is murdered during her capture. Kimi: Is a woman who dates a vampire but could care less that he eats people, so long as he doesn't eat her family, she does this even with the law forbidding her from doing this... Kanou: A Investigator who hates Vamires due to them killing his wife, he doesn't know how to control his adrenaline though, as the obsession leads to his death. Sosuke: Is Kanou's partner who equally hates Vampires as they killed his family, friends and left him completely alone. Uta: Is a Vampire who makes mask for both vampires and cares noting of Investigators, he seems to be comfortable with which ever side... Ayato: Is a member of the Arigiri organization, he tortures any Vampire in their slavery, he further wants to rape Touka badly and has never let go of this obsession even after she moved away from Tokyo. Jason Yamato: is a leader in the Arigiri organization who loves killing, he loves to torture and torment every victim until death and because of his being tortured himself, loves to watch others go through the same thing, he's also a cannibal, which gives powers above many other of the evolved vampires... Banjou: Is a vampire who's obsessed with Rize but find out she died a short time later, and helps Cirris due to him smelling like her... Manager: The owner of Antieku and a vampire who was involved with a gang, but he chose a quiet life after this to help other, which doesn't last too long... Eiri: His daughter who is a cannibal as her father was, she helps Yui get to Cirris and saves her father who's nearly murdered... Tsukiyama: Is a Vampire gourmet who loves tasting different type of humans but, gets bored as they're all similar and he can't eat anything else, this changed when he smells Cirris who is human but smells like a vampire, he becomes obsessed with his smell and tries to eat him, which leads to him befriending him?... he's one of the few characters who makes a reappearence later on, too. Feuguchi: Is Hinami's mother and costumer at the Anteiku, she ad her daughter aren't killers and have to go there to eat... Hinami is Fueguchi's daughter and ends up being orphaned later on, the girl becomes good friends with Cirris though, through this, she's also a reoccuring character, despite not joining Soul Hoshi like Tsukiyama.

Vampire Arc Concepts

Vampires: refer to the evolved vamps that eat their victims entirely, via mushing most of the victims body into blood instead of drinking just the blood in their veins... Blackeyes: are what Vampires eyes change into upon revealing their natures. Claws: are the long tendrils that erupt from vampires' backs. ShiningOnes: Are cannibal Vampires who eat both Humans and other Vampires, their claws turn into a armour that can easily protect and defend them, and take any shape they choose due to this... Anteiku: Is the coffee shop the Manager runs, it's the last line of defense later. VCC: Vampire, Capture, Cooperation is a business created specifically for killing and capturing vampires to make the world safe, there's a few viscious poeple in it's rankings, though... Quinqae: Weapons made of Vamire's claws, as the evolved ones cannot be killed by anything else except this. Airigiri Organization: is a gang that uses Vampire labour to further their goals on controlling Tokyo, they think nothing of humans and use their efforts to solely control and evolve vampires further. Owl: is a term for the Manager and Eiri when they use their claws, which obsures their true identities. One Eyed: Refers to every Vampire with only one black-eye, it can be from man-made circumstance like with Cirris or from birth like with Eiri. Masks: What Vampires use to hide their ture identities from the investigators. 

Weeks after the Shippuden arc, everything seems to get peaceful for once... up until Soul Hoshi Nottingham gets a mission from Soul Hoshi Tokyo...

Vampire Arc Events

Alright, after the Shippuden Arc: Yui's put in bed due to her losing her powers, but still straining her body... Cirris is then put in the next mission from Tokyo: There's good vampires there, but they're cannibalized by their fellow evolved vamps and agents of the VCC. The arc cuts to somewhat later in the mission, Cirris is telling Sierro how far he's gotten. He's currently dating a  woman named Rize, who knows about the hideout of the more violent vamps. He then leaves with her after she enters the Antieku, and go on one more date... That's when she reveals that she's a vamp too, and tries to eat him... until a pile of beams falls on her head. Cirris is already knocked out too, due to her attacking before this... Cirris wakes up the next day, in a hospital... And learns that the doctor MIGHT'VE replaced some of his organs with hers... After this, he's unable to taste anything... even when he tries out foods he hasn't before, it tasts disgusting, as if he was eating random objects. Cirris was scared, especially after humans started looking delicious... He ran out in the streets, unable to relax until he randomly found a Vampire sucking a carcass... The vamp was then murdered by Nishiki: a vampire who's dating a human. Nishiki then prepared to murder Cirris and Touka saved him, she then wondered what was wrong with Cirris, and he reveals he's been changed into a monster-vampire. Touka nearly kicks his head, but only hits the brick wall he was leaning against. Explaining (slightly angrily) that she wasn't a monster and to relax as he would only need to eat differently, Cirris tried not to notice he could see under her skirt, and the fact that Touka noticed/let him!!! After this, the manager told her to let him into their shop so he'd have a safe place to live... After this, Soul Hoshi moved more soldiers there with the manager, who also wanted help. Cirris also tried to get used to his vampiric body, until the Feuguccis entered. Touka explains they come randomly for food, as they're vampires he can't kill... Cirris becomes friends with the daughter: Hinami since they're both perverts. And he learns more of how the vampires live, up until VCC agents come to the 20th Ward, they end up hunting down and eventually killing mother Fuegucci-in front of Hinami! Cirris then vows to get strong as he hated this happening to his new friends, after this: Touka trains him, and takes him to Uta, to get a mask... but upon Hinami running away from the shop, He hard a hard time fighting Sosuke, only destroying his Quinquae to make him run. Meanwhile, Touka murders his teacher: Kanou and brings Hinami back to the shop, after this: Cirris meets Tsukiyama, who notices Cirris' unique scent and feigns friends with him. Until he gets him into a Ghoul Restaurant where Cirris is almost murdered to be eaten... But when he uses his new powers, Tsukiyama saves him and brings him home... Everybody wonders why, until Kimi was kidnapped and Cirris was given a letter saying he'd need to fight Tsukiyama for her... Cirris and Nikishi go together, and try stopping him... but are both beaten horribly until Touka comes. Despite her being able to beat him back, Tsukiyama tastes a piece of Cirris and gets excited to consume him! Hoping to eat Cirris while he's eating Kimi! Touka realized they wouldn't be able to fight him normally, as Cirris only ate "supplements" and she rarely drunk blood nor ate anybody... So she took a piece of his shoulder, sending Tsukiyama in a rage! She still easily beat him, and prepares to kill Kimi as she saw too much... but upon being called beautiful, she only leaves the woman... Later, Touka continues to train Cirris until he's almost attacked by Banjou. After this, the vampire explains that he smelled Rize on him and got excited... Cirris explains he knew her but she left the Ward... After this, Ayato suddenly bursts into the shop and easily breaks Banjou's arm! Jason and his boyfruend: Nico come in too! The vamps easily subdue Cirris and Touka's left beaten and alone... Later, Cirris, Banjou and the few others with them were sent to a sweat-shop for preparing "food" for the higher up Vampires within the Airigiri.  Banjou tries to help Cirris with tearing the "meat", but Cirris explains he wouldn't want to get him in trouble... Later, Banjou sneaks to Cirris' cell and explains to him his plans on escaping... The Teen left with him and the others ad they head towards civilization... until guards caught up, but they easily dispatch them, until... Jason and Nico arrive, they explain that hey knew about it the entire time and that they were going to kill and eat everybody there, unless Cirris becomes Yamori's subordinate. Cirris agrees against Banjou's wishes (he knew they wouldn't eep their word...) and follows him... After this, he leads him to a dark, bloody room with a checkered floor... Cirris wondered what kind of place it was and what work he'd do. Jason explains that he simply needed to do what he said and quickly injects a serum into the corner of his eye!! Cirris wakes up to be tortured by Yamori for days, the vampire would cut off his toes and teeth, and let them grow back to start anew... Meanwhile, Anteiku made a plan to go to the Airigiri and save him, Uta and Tsukiyama went to, to Touka's chargin... They arrive at the same time the VCC made a attack there, hoping they'd thin-out the vamps working there. They travel the area searching for Cirris, with Mira simply teaching Hinami how to use Soul Perception instead of relying on only her senses...  Meanwhile, Yamori tortured Cirris mentally too, by trying to force him to choose if he should kill a mother or child from the escapees he found... Cirris didn't choose, making Jason angry enough to murder them both.. Then he arrived later to stick a centipede in his ear... which made Cirris lose his mind... Days later, Cirris hears Rize's voice: telling him to let go of how kind he was and to not worry bout what others think. This lead to Cirris unconsciously wishing to be how he was on his Houtentai... and reverts into the Arc Angel: Michael. ...his hair turns pale, then slightly blonde... Until Jason re-enters the room, explaining the VCC re coming and he needs to eat him before he leaves, Cirris easily flips onto his back and chews a chunk of his face off, replying that since he was about to eat him, if ate some of him, isn't it too bad? Jason angrily tried to kill him, but was easily beaten, Cirris then realized that he'd simply kill more if he stood up and ate out his claw... (By now, Cirris had blonde hair, red eyes and fangs!) Then left... Cirris then frees Banjou and his friends and went to help his from Anteiku... Meanwhile, the Owl kept VCC back as the others tried to get to Cirris, Hinami then felt him coming, but noticed something was different with his energy... Meanwhile, Yui had got up, due to feeling Cirris' energy alter and tried to help, but was unable to save Touka from almost being violated by Ayato. Until Cirris suddenly came and saved her, he tried to explain he shouldn't rape her just because of his feelings, but the vampire wouldn't listen and was murdered slowly by Cirris... The ArcAngel then lead his friends out of the place as the VCC burned it into the ground... Touka, Yui and Hinami immediately knew Cirris had transformed by now... everybody else realized after he straight-up told them that he was the Arc Angel: Michael: firstborn of the army if God. He then explains that he would destroy the remaining angents and violent vampires left to save Tokyo... Tsukiyama and Banjou wanted to come with him, and Michael let them come... After this, many vampires in and out of the Airigiri were murdered easily... so were entire branches of the VCC destroyed. ..This lead to hate coming to Soul Hoshi Nottingham, as most of the world believed that the government was HELPING by killing every vampire... which in turn made some of Nottingham's members angrier with Cirris (with the only exceptions being Yui, Touka, Mira and Sierro...) This continued up until Michael's power waned, due to his transformation not being completed... He eventually started acting like his human self again, and tried to help fight against the army that was invading the Anteiku, (much to Tsukiyama's chargin) Cirris attacked the many VCC agents until Sosuke came up, Cirris and him crossed weapons, which lead to Sosuku losing a arm... by now Cirris was completely his human self again and freaked out when he realized what he did... but Sosuke through his lance through Cirris, impaling him, leading him to crawl through the streets, looking for meat... he then fell into the sewers... Meanwhile, the Owl tried to fight off the army that was after his shop... while te Soul Hoshi Soldiers helped keep their death count lowered... Meawhile, Cirris crawled through the sewers until he came upon a field if dead bodies, created by a single VCC agent... Cirris knew he kept the non-violent vamps from passing and tried to fight him to clear the way, but the investigator easily stabbed out his eye! Causing Cirris horrific pain, he then starts crying and stares at the ground... until the investigator stabs through his other eye, knocking him out... Meanwhile, Yui arrives along with another "Owl". It saves the manager and brings him to safety, after Eiri thanks her... Yui then goes into the sewers and transforms upon seeing her boyfriend's eyes hallowed out of his head... Princess easily murders the investigator and heals that not yet dead teen back... Soul Hoshi Nottingham ends up winning the war against the few VCC and violent Vampires left, and return home... Princess only fading away from worry about her boyfriend..

Fluffy Styrofoam Peanuts Arc

This arc is what appeared in a draft version of the story, I hated how it happened and new characters were pushed in, and so it never made it to the finished version. Below here is a quick explanation of how it went: though none of the events have a huge impact on the story...
Minami is a soldier of the Saitama Soul Hoshi Academy, she develops a crush on Cirris, due to him being similar to her, but having done alot, this both makes more but less sense than the finished version. Hinami develops a crush on Cirris too, but only because they now get to spend peaceful time together, in the final version, she loves simply being a good friend of his. Christopher is a Saitama soldier the Nottingham soldiers use in order to break up Yui and Cirris, the guy ends up liking Yui and personally does try to scare Cirris away, only to be threatened by Yui to leave her boyfriend alone, in the final story, he's creepier as he only wants er body... Yourichi is a Nottingham Soldier that volunteers to break up Yui and Cirris, she DOES have a crush on Cirris too, seeing something special about him that few others do, and tries to date him, which ends in Cirris getting angry as only when he's happy, does others try to date him and Yourichi reminds him of how bad his previous life was, she respects his feelings and goes, in the final story she never says her feelings out loud out of respect... Anatasia is a Siberian Soldier and Visord that developed a crush on Cirris while the war was happening, due to being with a more laid-back Academy, she looks more cleaned up and calmer now, but is still very rude to many soldiers, she's worse to Cirris due to her Tsundere personality and uses him as a personal slave until Yui fights her for him, dring this, it's explained that Anatasia can't use Soul Star, but has a very malleable energy that can create almost anything she sees, Yui beats her still though, and Anatasia's too embarrassed to try speaking to Cirris again, in the final version, she's too shy to even say anything to Cirris but her descrition makes her feelings clear... Sam and Dean were suppose to invite Yui on a simple hunting trip, but, stuff happened causing Yui to almost die, she was revived and everything goes well, in the final version Sam and Dean appear only in the last arc as Arcade owners instead of as hunters AND the latter. Maple Syrup and Yola are Cirris and Yui respectively: after Cirris worries about her going on even a simple mission, he mistakenly uses his Houtentai to genderbend both of them, this causes him to become a VERY curvy girl renamed Maple Syrup and Yui to become a 6ft, buffed guy named Yola, this causes confusion both ways: only Fusagi realized what happened and expressed her feelings for Cirris while he was a girl, and Yui was unused to her new body and used alot more power than she should, luckily, Rei used the White-lamps to change them back, in the final version, Yui only calls Cirris Syrup as a petname.

Fluffy Styrofoam Peanuts Arc: Concepts

There's no new concepts introduced either, the biggest thing is Cirris and Yui's genderbend and Anantasia's energy... The only huge event is that Yui's reversion to her true forme happens earlier, but it's not a concept more as it's a hint to something being up with her and Cirris... Every crush is elaborated on later, too...

Fluffy Styrofoam Peanuts Arc: Events

Alright, this'll be short as hell: After Nottingham realized with the destruction of every Eathly enemy, they needn't be on alert as much, they finally sent to soldiers to a a Academy for learning-allowing them to live peaceful lives. It's then that the soldiers plan to break-up Yui and Cirris, due to her hurting herself futher, to cheerup and/or help him. The only way to assure this is if Cirris or Yui were to cheat, so they send Christopher and Yourichi after them. They both actually liked their targets, with Yourichi trying to seduce Cirris, but he getting angry due to her only expressing this while he was in a relationship, this along with other traits is the reason for his dislike of blacks completely... The happens to Christopher when he yelled at Cirris, being threatened to death... The two leave, while Yui and Cirris stay together: this only strengthens their relationship. Later, it's shown how all the soldiers get along: with everyone being good friends despite everything. It's also shown that Hinami joined Soul Hoshi Nottingham and developed feelings for Cirris, meanwhile: Minami has a crush on him but is unable to express it due to her shyness and him already dating Yui, it's further shown that Yui's body matured at a incredibly fast rate. Her having/gaining curves while resting, excited Fusagi, Cirris tries to stay away, knowing his pervertedness may cloud his feelings for her, but Yui does many innuendos and acts with him as she loves his reaction to her now voluptuous body. Though, while she rests Anatasia tries to date him, Cirris' pervertedness makes him let her push him around, with Cirris' love for loli bodies, he has no problem with her rude actions and words... Yui finds out and fights Anatasia, despite not being able to use her powers, she beats the Saitma Soldier with her strength and sword, and takes Cirris back... Anatasia is too embarrassed to try dating Cirris again... Yui and Cirris grow closer thanks to these events.

Alfhiem Arc

These are the new/side characters introduced for this arc: Minami is a Spriggan who is saved by Cirris after trying to return the favor, she finds that he's like her and is still able to act bravely and go with wanted, she volunteers to help him and develops a strong crush on Cirris, until they reach the tree... Kirito and Asuna are Saitama Soldiers who greet the Nottingham soldiers to the prefecture, they both been through alot of pains, but are happily together now, they even train Cirris a little as he's unable to attack naturally despite knowin alot via Yui... Christopher is a Saitama Soldier who tries to steal Yui away by lying, the only reason he does't straight up try to rape her is becasue she's known as a godkiller, he keeps her trapped hoping her power would die down and he can manipulate her later, but...

Alfhiem Arc Concepts

Alfhiem: is the Fairy world existing within the Saitama prefecture, besides the natural fairies in their, other beings can become citizens for free and are transformed into fairies when they enter, everybody within the city gates cannot die either, thanks to rules set up by the king, fairies merely return to thier bodies after a limited amount of time... Fairy: Are the creatires living in Alfheim, Kai is one but is of a different species, the one's in Alfhiem are Spriggans, Salamanders, Navigators Cait sith ect... World Tree: os a giant tree in the center of Alfhiem, it contains a cage, and the rulers Oberon and Tatiana, and a laboratory, this because of Christopher's manipulation of the powers he received, the usurper/liar plans on controlling the minds of everybody in the kingdom. Starburst Stream: is the attack Cirris uses when fighting a Salamander, he easily kills him and causes him to exploded, this is a strange death as he used swords to cut the fairy and no magic or energy was used to add damage...

The Nottingham soldiers go to Saitama as every current enemy is killed and/or defeated, everybody goes their separate ways to have fun... Cirris is the only one tormented because Yui has become EXTREMELY curvy during her rest from fighting and she constantly tempts and toys with him, which maes Cirris try VERY hard to respect her and not live out his many perverted fantasies/risk warping the vision of someone he loves.

Alfhiem Arc: Events

When  Soul Hoshi Nottingham goes to Saitama, they are greeted by Kirito and Asuna who introduce the prefecture and Alfheim. Cirris is excited to, and tries to forget Yui's sexual torture (They arrived with Yui riding Cirris' back...) Weeks later, Cirris has been exploring and dating Yui randomly while she gets rest in the Saitama hospital. Christopher noticed her body and lies to her that Cirris hasn't touched her, because she's boring to him now... and that time away will make him love her more. Yui wants to believe her new friend snd leaves with him.. Meanwhile, Cirris notices Yui's Soul Wavelength wasn't there... and prepares to look when he recieves a call from Tsukiyama, upon visiting him in his bar, he learns about Alfhiem's Tree and how fairies can't fly to the top due to a powerful magic spell, but... they took a picture of something high iup in it's branches... Cirris recognizes Yui in the picture and immediately sets off to save her, after thanking Tsukiyama the vampire explains that he'll help later... Cirris thn goes to the world's barrier and chooses to become a member of the Salamander race, but mistakenly picks another fairy-race, he then is violently thrown into the world, rather than appearing in the Salamander's kingdom... Cirris wanders what happened until he finds Hinami! The now Fairy-Vampire greets him happily and wonders why he's there, Cirris explains Yui might be captured and he's trying to find the World Tree. She agrees to help him and they both set out, until they notice several Salamanders chasing down Minami, Cirris kills them (as Hinami explains nobody can die within the Kingdom) and saves her. She thanks the Teen but wanders why as fairies normally don't help other races, Cirris explains he's a Soldier and dedicated himself to doing this. She then repays Cirris by taking him ou to eat, upon them talking further, Minami finds out that Cirris NEEDED to go to the World Tree and uninterested in taking his time to get there.. After seeing the fire and excitement in his eyes, despite it being clear how shy he is, she decided to join him (and strated developing a huge crush on Cirris) They prepare to leave the next day, but Minami wasn't able to thanks to her captain, after Cirris and Hinami forced him to stand-down, they left to the quickest path to the tree... But were ambushed upon reaching a cave leading to a city surrounding the tree, after Cirris killed the Salamanders, Minami finds out there was a war going on and she was needed to go back to her race's army to help, Cirris volunteered to go back with her and they rushed to the area. There, the Salamanders were going to attack the Spriggans ad Cait Siths, neither were able to take on the huge army as the fairies there, were there for a peace treaty signing-not killers. Cirris arrives (and thanks to some pushing from Hinami) challenged the captain of the army to a duel, the two immediately fought after Cirris borrows Minami's sword, the Teen easily murders the Salamander upon using Starbusrt Stream and stops the Salamander, the army was about to avenge him when Tsukiyama comes with MANY other Fairy Vampires and eats them... Cirris was thanked by the Spriggan and Cait-Sith captains and was invited to join them, Cirris explains he had something important to do and couldn't join ether race, then left with Minami! She fell in love with Cirris by this time and deeply admired how he was dedicated on getting to the World Tree and saving his friend, ...that night, Cirris and Minami slept, ready to get up early the next day and save Yui... Meanwhile, Yui escaped her cage as se was curious to what Cirris was doing on the outside, she then finds Christopher's laboratory and his tachno-magic he uplans on using to control people's brains and force the kingdom to serve him, Yui was about to escape and tell everybody when a snail thing... shows her their surveillance of Cirris traveling with Minami and explains that her leaving now could ruin their relationship... Yui goes back to the cage, but is now extremely unsure of what Christopher's actual plans are... Meanwhile, Cirris and Minami get up and head to the World Tree, upon Cirris gettin within the branches range he immediately felt her Soul Wavelength and flies straight up into the barrier!!! He and Hinami hit, Cirris then gets angry and slices at it then tries various attacks to destroy it and fly straight to the top!!! Minami's awed by his sudden burst of anger and adrenaline to break through and asks why is he so upset. Cirris calms down and explains that his Girlfriend: Yui was trapped in the tree and he's been traveling to save her...  Minami was upsetted by this and ran back to the hotel, Cirris wonders why and follows after her... There he learns she had a crush on him and was trying to figure out how to tell him... when they arrived to the tree, Cirris explains that any other moment, he would be flattered and dated her, but he's already in love with Yui. He then thanks her for helping him this far, and hopes she finds someone who deserves to be her boyfriend and could devote the love and time she deserved to her. After this, Cirris tries to go inside and fly up through the tree alone... but is killed before he reaches the top... Minami arrives seconds later and takes hissoul outside the tree, risking her own life... After reviving him, Cirris thanks her and goes back inside... Minami tries to stop him, saying he'd just be torturing himself as he can't get to the top by himself, but Cirris explains that he has to try... He and Minami attempt it, but are almost killed until the Spriggan and Cait-Sith armies attack! They fight back the guardians until Cirris reaches the top and runs to Yui!!! The Teen passes many labs and runs through the tree's branches until he sees Yui in the cage, the girl excitedly waits, as she could sense him coming too! Cirris rips the door open and Yui greets him happily she explains she thought she'd be strengthening their relationship via doing this, ad was too upset to come see him after seeing him with Minami, Cirris explains he didn't wan't to do anything direspectful to her, and that's the reason he tried to avoid her and her body... He further was only friends with Minami and didn't cheat on her. Yui thaks him ad Hinami for coming and was about to leave with them, when everything turns black... Hinami explains something bad was happening then chokes a and falls off into the darkness, Cirris and Yui were pinned to the floor via strong gravity magic!! They reach at each other until Yui was suddenly let up and chained, Christopher then appears and reveals his plans on taking over Alfhiem and that Oberon himself gave him his magical powers, he then says that he tried to get Yui for himself, but she wouldn't even notice his advances... So he decided to make her weak and take her, he then pins Cirris into the floor via his own blade and told him to wath as he rapes Yui. Cirris freaks as Christopher was aout to rip open her shirt, when he noticed her chest was flat again... While he fussed at her about her body size, Cirris unconsciously uses a Houtentai!!! He stood up easily and pulls his sword out of his back... Then challenges Christopher to a duel, the usurper is unable to sudden his blade with his own powers now, and Cirris calls it for him. Christopher then swung, but Cirris easily dodged and slits his face, then cut off his hand, then chops his head off and breaks into a bloody puddle! Christopher dies uttely as his soul's burned to nothing, too... Tsukiyama then contacts Cirris and explains that he and his army has destroyed the plans in Christopher's lab ad that he'd warp Yui back to the hospital, when Cirris warps himself: he wouldn't be able to easily warp from there directly back to Saiama, so he'd help them. Yui kisses Cirris and is warped away, Cirris warps too, and appears in a hotel room... He finds Minami waiting for him, she explains she learned of what happened and was so worried, and that she decided to wait for him, if Lord forbids, they break-up, she'd be there... Cirris explains that she deserves to have someone devoted to only her and that he hopes him and Yui can get married when they're older, he walks outside to see snow! The excited Teen then takes a public bike and rides to the Saitama Academy!! He then gets into the parking-lot and ran to the building, Christopher's brother appears to avenge his death, but Cirris unconsciously fires lasers into him, killing him too... Then ran into the building and to Yui's room, she excitedly greets Cirris and explains that she felt so sick without him, and was so happy they were together! Cirris agrees, Yui then asks for a kiss, but Cirris is uncomfortable with what's going through his head as he already made her perverted too, AND he finds her body attractive as a loli and curvy. Yui says it'll just be a kiss, and He kisses her... Yui then snatches him on top of her and crosses her legs around him saying she won't let him go until he at very least does something he wanted to... Cirris then dry humps her hard and fast, Yui, loving the event, squeezes him closer as his hard penis stabs her soft body! It was then she realized she loved Cirris because he is passionate/aggressive with his desires, but has the temperance to hide them and respect others. Cirris cums all over both of them, and kisses her... then realized what he did! He offers to clean everything then go clean up the parking lot... (remembering what he did earlier...) Yui told him it was OK and to go, as she'd clean up! After Cirris leaves, Yui excitedly looks at the sheets and is happy her boyfriend really did try to stay away: as he was still VERY attracted to her.

Black Rock Moon Arc

The side/new characters are for this arc are: Kinshin Haru, Lucci, Haruhi, Kouru, Bunny and Mefe all are enemies fought by Yui and killed via her friends or disasters, but they were brought into the moon upon death and rebirthed as kinshin with different names, they seemingly don't remember their past lives or prefer their current ones. Maka and Soul make a guest star appearance, for fun and to show the story exists in the same world as theirs... Kaguyasura is Kaguya after raping Asura so much that they fused, the hermaphrodite now produces Lower-Kinshin to "spread love" to everybody on earth,it also eats people who seemingly defies it's love...  RaNoirRoc is reborn from Kaguyasura, upon Mira finding her, she gives Roc back, but...

Black Rock Moon: Concepts

Shinigami Powers: Chiba shares his to give his friends a chance at fighting the god army invading earth, it takes Yui longer to get them as she has the most potential, Minimi also becomes a Shinigami due to going through this. Lower Kinshin: Are Kaguyasura's children which "spreads love" via killing and raping everything they cross, they destroyed most of the world through this and have utterly burned down SanFranscisco due to this, in spite of the local Soul Hoshi Acdamy's efforts... Happy Sun Ray: A beam gun in the moon that will change the world to what Kaguyasura wants, it's used after it realizes Yui and the others are coming, but never gets a chance to fire. White Rock Moon: Is Kaguyasura's Strongest power, but is unable to murder the girl... Reincarnation: Everybody does it as Chiba gave them god powers, but it takes a long time to return from the world of the dead, Kainen's unfortunate to not even get to do this... Yui's Song: This murders Kaguyasura and every kinshin in the world, because of her pure heart (Despite Cirris' perversion)

Soul Hoshi Nottingham travels to San-FranScisco to help fight off the army of Lower-Kinshin that are invading the Eath, due to Kaguya and Asura's wavelength become much stronger. Chiba shares his powers with his friends, so they can kill them instead of having to seal the demon gods, Minami has started dating him by then, and because of her being close, receives more powers while his friends receive them at different times and amounts depending on their resonance, Yui takes longer to receive powers, but...

Black Rock Moon: Events

OK after the Alfhiem Arc, Nottingham gets a request for help from Sanfran Sisco to help with invasion. By the time they get there, the Lower Kinshin have destroyed most of the world.  This causes Chiba to share his god powers with his friends in order to enable them to be able to kill the gods rather than seal them. The Arc opens to Sierro and Zolo explaining this and trying to fight some off, but their abilities can only go so far as they haven't turned into gods yet. Until Yui appears! Despite her being the last one to recieve some of Chiba's powers, her body STRANGELY adapted to them immediately despite her transformation being incomplete. She easily stops all the lower kinshin there, but has to stop as her still human body suffers from this. Later, Mira, who has completely turned into a god, murders a Kinshin named: Mfe, she then learns from Sei that she was in fact one of their enemies reborn as something transforming into a kinshin... The arc goes over the others fighting lower kinshin and a betrayel in the kinshin ranks by Haruhi and her brother(?). Later, the Soldiers recieve a SOS from Antartica and they fly out to see who it came from, the sender: Haruhi arrives and explains she still remembers herself and wants to stop Kaguyasura! The soldiers unwilling work with her, as she was giving information that could actually help them find and stop the Kinshin. But... during this team-up, the kinshin herself arrives and murders most of the Nottingham, Antartica and Lower Kinshin soldiers. Leaving only Yui, Sierro and Sei... And even upon finding the SOS source, They were killed too... Yui begrudgingly went alone,with her only hope being: Cirris was still on his way being the last of the soldiers to become a god, since they're Shinigami her friends CAN come back despite it taking time, and more Soldiers were coming too. Yui arrives at the signal the house came from and meets Yourichi and Kainen, both explained they got trapped there after the invasion. And Kainen explains that she recreated her body via using a cloning machine to make something like hers... Yourichi then invites her to heal herself in their machine and when she wakes up, they'll all attack Kaguyasura together! Yui goes to heal and dreams of what happened between  Kaguya a scientist and many children she had with him and others, the children were hybrid kinshin-human and symbolized Kaguya stopping her need to "Spread love". But upon her saying something wrong, the scientist kicks her out.. The next day, he and the others attempt to kill her, but was unable to even scratch the Kinshin. This caused her to "Spread Love" everywhere.. Now, Yui wakes up, surprising Kainen and Yourichi as the pod was filled with poison, too... Yui explains that her body was strong before hand and being a god negated the poison. Still, she wanted to join the girls and stop Kaguyasura, their meeting was interrupted when Haru crashes through the wall, mistakenly killing Yourichi! He explains his anger at Mfe being killed and wanted revenge. Yui explains Mira was killed too, and she was sorry for him... After seeing she truly was, he decided to help her fight against Kaguyasura! They travel to the moonbase the Kinshin created and meet up with the backup! The team then storms the base! Minami and Anatasia team up to get to area surrounding the metallic walls, risking their lives against the Lower Kinshin, Mira and Yui does too, but... Mira tricks Yui to go into a Space pod and sends her back towards Earth, knowing her BFF wasn't at full power yet, and didn't want her hurt. Her and Kainen rushes to Kaguyasura's room... but... Mira meets Noire before getting there, and Kainen rushed their herself and was eaten... Meanwhile... Yui meets Soul and Maka on the ground, the Soldier explains what she's doing, and Maka says Mira must care alot about her and that she herself was stopping the many kinshin from coming after them! Yui thanks her and heads up to the moon! Soul says Yui's bubbly personality was irritating, and Maka tells him to shut-up. Meanwhile... Yui heads into Kaguyasura's room and learns she was about to "Spread Love" everywhere with her Happy Sun Ray. The Soldier prepares to fight her with her Shinigami powers and the Kinshin herself singing as they fought, they're unable to hurt each other until Kaguyasura explained that she eaten Kainen! Yui almost turns into Princess, when she remembers she wouldn't be able to kill her with straight-up rage. Upon calming down, she unconsciously used Yui's Song, which disintegrates all kinshin and madness on Earth... Yui's disturbed, yet... happy they all suddenly stop attacking... and looks for Cirris who she felt had entered the moonbase. Meanwhile, Cirris finds where Yui was but hears her talking to Sierro... He listens as he explains that Yui shouldn't be up there, and that it would'v been okay if Cirris never came there. Her boyfriend was surprised as they had became friends before in the Vampire Arc, but is disturbed to hear that Sierro believes he should of never existed. Further, he confessed he wanted to date Yui... Yui replies saying that if Cirris didn't come, they probably would have as he didn't have interest in Touka before... Cirris is hurt as he realized he came at a bad time, and everybody was possibly getting along fine without him, it's worse that Yui knew they would've been happy without his coming... Cirris leaves the hall and goes into a room by himself, he wishes he died as he realizes he couldn't help anyone and being around Yui only made her life harder/worse. He unconsciously uses a Houtentai and starts to die, light erupts everywhere as the others are exposed due to this... Meanwhile, Yui immediately felt Cirris' Soul Wavelength and ran to him, she grabs Cirris as he went unconscious and cries wishing that this never happened and that she'd rather the world was destroyed than Cirris would die. This causes the exposed Houtentai to react to her wish (as their Master was dying...) and all the events in the series were undone...

Savior Sentai Arc

TThese are all the mains rebirthed in this arc, everybody has a different life because of this: Yui is now Karis and never gotten her nickname, she's a student at Juben High and her only reoccuring traits are her pureheart and insanely strong body. Sierro is  renamed Malachite and is one of the Dark Kingdom's soldiers, and tries killing his friends but is electrocuted to death. Zolo is renamed Kunzite and is the strongest soldier of the Dark Kingdom, he survives his first encounter with the Savior Sentai but is killed afterwards. Chiba is renamed Flourite and is a soldier of the Dark Kingdom, he tries different attempts to kill the Savior Sentai but is burned to death upon meeting them the first time. Mira is renamed Venus and is the Sentai of Love, she is pretending to be the Princess Kara to lead the Dark Kingdom away from the real one, Mira's alot more serious than before as she lived most of her life fighting evil. Fusagi is renamed Rie and is a Shrine Maiden, until she learns of the Dark kingdom and transforms into Sentai of Fire, ironically she's still Tsundere as she originally was. Touka is Renamed Mikoto and is a transfer student, she's alot more kinder as her parents were killed in a accident, rather than eaten and her life was not nearly as dark as before, she turns into the Sentai of Lightning after learning of the Dark Kingdom and immediately kills Sierro, she's completely oblivious of her killing her lover until later.. Noire is renamed Ami and lives as she would've if she wasn't captured before, she's a intelligent doctor who lives happily with her parents, but upon her finding out about the Dark Kingdom, she transforms into the Sentai of Water/Intelligence, she is the kindest of the team as she never kills, and the girl now expresses interest in Cirris which she couldn't beforehand... Lin lives how we would've without evil in the world, happily with his wife and Yui! Aino is Lin's wife and lives happily with her daughter and husband. Monkey is a janitor who has no trouble speaking with the students in the school and knows alot of what's happening outside of it, though not knowing directly of the Dark Kingdom. Blair is on of the very few who hasn't lost most of her memory, after being thrown in Penance Sama ahe came out as before and helped behind the scenes, after the incident she ries to tell Yui about her true identity outside of being "Yui" beforehand, thanks to... Star Kami who saw Cirris and Yui's wishes, the kami tried to change them to help everybody remember themselves before the apocalyptic event happens, he didn't want to explain everything at once as it would mess with their heads, but explained everything to Blair in hopes they could explain little by little, reminding them of their past selves and Yui and Cirris' real selves. Sam and Dean are the Arcade owners, they make appearances at different times and are kind to the girls when they come, unlike with their draft appearance they never show their Hunter lives and aren't shown after everybody's memories are back... Cirris is renamed Michael and lives how he would had he fulfilled his dreams, he's going to college to become a game designer and has a part-time job to pay for his course and apartment, upon meeting Yui, they're strangely nice to each other, considering they don't know who the other is, he's kind in general to her until she stays over his apartment and he starts remembering his past... Serenity is one of the Goddess Princess Kara's creations and the only survivor of the eternal Kingdom, after Yui learns a little of her true past, she traves there and learns that everybody else was murdered by Satan afore, after explaining everything, Serenity gives them the Eternal Blade and wishes them luck on destroying it! Beryl is the Queen of the Dark Kingdom and the one who kidnapped and brainwashed most of the males from Nottingham Soul Hoshi, after the others die, she gets Cirris and uses his unconscious body, but loses him and tries to attack the Saviour Sentai herself. Sin Superbia is the Antagonist and reason for the evil in the world, it's first apperance is simply a monogamous smoke that speaks to Beryl and demands souls to return to full power, but, upon Serenity revealing the past it's made clear it is Satan and starts to scare Beryl, after it is the only "member" of the Dark Kingdom it takes the Eternal Crystal and tries to take over the world and then the universe... The Eternal Goddess: Princess Kara is the Kami of Eternity, she was betrothed to the Archangel Michael until the ceramony was interrupted by Satan... The Firstborn of God's Holy ArchAngels: Michael was betrothed to Kara after both showed interest in each other, but their Holy Matrimony was interrupted by Satan. 

Savior Sentai Concepts

Savior Sentai: is the forme Yui and her girl friends take when they fight evil, they use this to access their powers they had before, until they remember everything. Caped Angel: is the codename that Cirris takes when fighting evil, he uses it and a mask and cape to find the Illusory Eternal Crystal. Dark Kingdom: Is the group of brainwashed Notingham Male Soldiers made by Beryly, she kidnapped everybody she could and turned them into her own soldiers under the lies that they were all part of the same kingdom, this fails as Star Kami's influence on the others causes their original powers to be used, where Beryl's gives them great strength but is unable to stand against them. 
Madness: was explained before, but is now shown as a branch of sin, this is explained explicitly when Satan spreads it and it causes people to act as they would under it itself. Sin: If looked up, any immoral action, but this is the first time it's explicitly shown as a element that manipulates people into doing inhumane, unspeakable acts, it's explicitly shown during the final chapter. 
Eternal Kingdom: Is Kara's world and home, it was destroyed when Satan invades their world, only Serenity survives the attack. Eternal Blade: is Kara's sword that was suppose to be used to stop evil, but after Michael's death she used it to commit suicide... God: Is mentioned but never directly seen or talked to, Michael, Kara and Serenity remeber events surrounding HIM... Illusory Eternal Crystal: is the Power that helped create and increase life For the Eternal Kingdom and many other worlds and planets, but upon Satan attacking the kingdom it was embedded within Kara and could never activate until Yui remebered herself, upon it happening, it divided between Cirris and Yui until they remembered themselves and revert to Michael and Kara respectively, then it's consumed into Satan, it never works correctly for Satan though...


After the Black Rock Moon Arc, everybody was given different lives and is completely unaware of thir past lives, and Yui and Cirris are unaware even still of their past and their true selves... But Star Kami is trying to give their memories back inspite of this and her past being so much to remember and handle. This starts when Blair is sent to Juban and is unable to find Yui immediately...

Savior Sentai: Events

Alright, the arc starts with Yui being late for school and tripping own stairs before she leaves the house, making Aino wish that she was more like Mira-Sailor Demon. Meanhile, Yui finds Blair in the streets and immediately tries hugging her, resulting in her getting scratched up, but Yui notices the bandage covering her hesd too, and removes, immediately letting Blair understand what was happening. The witch followed her to school, where Yui learns that Anatasia's mother was selling jewelry for a low price... but she might not get any because she spent all her money and had low grades. Yui stops by the store and meets Cirris, the two have a nice conversation and he leaves... Yui then stops by the arcade ad goes home... Meanwhile, everybody who bought the jewelry was drained of their energy as Chiba planned, and his demon was conducting the entire plot for Superbia. Back with Yui, she's awoken by Blaire who explains that Yui was born to fight evil and that someone was in trouble that moment! She then tells her to yell Star Prism Power Make Up! Which turnsher into Sailor Star and also returns Yui's previous powers! The Sentai immediately feels Anatasia and her mother in trouble, and rush to the jewelry store! Despite being willing to help, she freaks out at first until Cirris arrived and tells her to relax as she could easily defeat the demon, whe listens to Caped Angel and kills it with her tiara, it turns to dust and the zombified customers turn back... Anatasia fids her mother and everyone's safe for then... Yui then finds out that thier's more Sentai and that she must find them to protect their prinecess once they're all together, Yui then finds Noire who is studying to be a doctor. Upon revealing another one of Chiba's plans, she tells Noire about the Savior Sentai and they must do! Noire joins and becomes the tech of the team and Sentai of Intelligence, later, Yui finds Fusagi who is captured by Chiba himself and is almost raped by him! Until Yui arrives and wakes her, upon learning she's the Savior Sentai of Fire, she burns Chiba to death and free the hostages he captured. After this, Yui uses her powers to sneak into a ball, where she and Blair suspects the Princess and the Illusory Eternal Crystal is, there Cirris finds Yui again (after bumping into her as himself and caped angel many times) and is overwhelmed to kiss the girl while she was drunk.. Blaire scares him away after this... Minutes later, they stop Sierro's plan from possessing the Princess, who turns out to be only a Earthly princess and her treasure being a statue of her... Later, they befriend Touka upon Blaire telling them she was another Sentai, but she's captured by Sierro's demon and almost pulled into a trap, until she's awaken as the Sailor Sentai of Lightning and electrocutes him to death! Later, Sierro arrives himself and directly drains life from people, the Soldiers arrive to stop him with Yui trying to directly attack,but being captured by Sierro, the Sentai could watch as he prepared to break her neck when Mira came and fought him off, he tries to retaliate but is murdered via her Love-Me-Chain! After this Star Kami, (disguised as a cat) explains that she's the princess! Everybody is happy at this and learns that she's also the Sentai of Love, she explains the mission to them and what they must do: destroy the Dark Kingdom before the consume the Earth and the res of the Universe. After this Zolo starts a plan to find the Eternal Crystal, which leaves Tokyo in horror, people acted zombified and even attacked each other while looking, upon nobody being able to find it, Zolo was annoyed and drained the life out of everybody he controlled. Yui also tries to heal everybody back with a new move: Star Healing Escalation, which brings everybody back to life but leaves her unconscious... Cirris finds her unconscious body and brings her back home... there, Yui wakes up and finds Caped Angel's costume... She immediately recognizes it, and sees Cirris coming into the bedroom to check on her... She holds the mask to his face and was surprised she didn't notice before. Cirris then explains he's been trying to get his memory back for years, and that a dream telling him to get the Eternal Crystal was the only link he had to his past.... Yui leaves, wishing that he'd also find it... and knowing his reasons were important too, but Cirris stops her and gives her, her bag she almost left, and calling her by affectionate honorific before she leaves. Both remembered their feelings for each other, and she leaves... Later, after several more attacks, Zolo shows up himself and immediately kills people to collect their souls, the Sentai arrive to stop him, but he waits atop the Tokyo Tower to fight! Upon reaching it, the Sentai are flown to the top by Touka's abilities and find Cirris being knocked off the tower! Yui immediately dives after him and saves him, she then kisses Cirris as her feelings fr him start returning rapidly, and memeories of their previous lives start to appear... but she leaves him safely on the ground and leaps back up the tower, meanwhile, the girls tried fighting Zolo but can't even get through his shield, Yui tries reviving everybody With Star Healing Escalation, but right afterwards, Zolo fires a beam of electricity at her! Yui's almost hit, until Cirris leaps in front of her and is nearly killed!!! Yui screams upon seeing the traumatic sight and transforms into Princess!!! Her friends freak out until she sheds a singl, unearthly blinding tear!!! The Earth starts to revive: everyone's healed of ailments, plants thrive and bought back to life! Monkey watches the sight and realized the Earth was being healed, the Dark Kingdom immediately realizes it too! Yui holds Cirris in her lap as Cirris loses consciousness... he then remembers Yui... and her true name: Kara. Yui remembers him as: Cirris too, and his real name: Michael... but he loses consciousness again as Beryl arrives, she snatches Cirris away via her powers and her and Zolo pulls him into the Dark Kingdom! Yui almost follows when her friends grab her, keeping the girl from jumping into the evil portal... Later, Mira explains that Yui IS The Eternal Goddess: Princess Kara! And that she was pretending to be the princess to protect her, she meant to stop the Dark Kingdom and find her to revive the Eternal Kingdom, but ended up finding her before she could stop them. Mira explains that they're to work together to fight them, and that they could save Cirris before they realize how fo get the Crystal. Later... While the others searched for the Kingdom, Yui stayed in bed for days, constantly having nightmares about what horrific tortures they were using on Cirris yo find the Eternal Crystal. Until, Star Kami suggested going to the Eternal Kingdom itself for answers! The friends arrived at Yui's house and upon entering her room, found that her pigtails grew everlastingly long! They cut her hair and explained that Star Kami had a idea and they were going to need her to visit the Kingdom. That night, they warped to the kingdom via a spell Star Kami and Blair used and found the cold dark kingdom, the beautiful area was devoid of life and dilapidated... Mira then finds a sword inside a pedestal and pulls it out... Serena immediately pops out and greets them! Yui remembers the fairy immediately, thanks to her memory returning every day and greets her! Serena greets her as her Goddess and explains what exactly is happening: A millenia ago, The Archangel Michael wanted to fall in love, but since there was no reason for Angels nor Kami to reproduce, there was no one that understood this feeling... But, upon meeting Yui/Kara she understood and wanted feel this too... With this already in common, they started seeing each other whenever possible, until... they fell in love. But, before they could spend their lives together, Michael wanted to ask God if he could go further and marry her. He asks Him, and God agrees, upon them fulfilling the requirement if them falling in love as humans, as this type of love/romance is a human necessity. If they do, he'd allow them to stay together. But, upon them preparing to reincarnate, Satan attacked the ceremony, almost killing Kara! Upon Cirris protecting her and being murdered, Kara commits suicide... causing the reincarnation to mess up... Kara and Michael were reborn over and over in different places, being born and dying alone... Until they reincarnated as Yui and Cirris. They found each other via destiny and just in time for the apocalypse, this is why Star Kami helped via undoig Cirris' unconscious wish and giving them new lives, and even going so far as to set it up so they could slowly but surely get thier powers and memories back. Yui is excited to know this, nd despite not remembering everything, can feel emotions and feelings that are nostalgic thanks to everything she explained! Serena then wishes her good luck and asks that she gets her memory back quickly, to revive the Eternal Kingdom to it's former glory! Yui says that she will, and the Sentai leave the kingdom... Later, after a series of random crimes and events.. Cirris appears back in Juban... And befriends Sam and Dean, though using Sam as a pawn to locate the Savior Sentai hideout... Yui sees Cirris, but upon believing he already died, and being unable to sense Cirris in his own body... she was unsure of who he was... Though, despite her friends' warnings, she belived it was the same Cirris and mistakenly showed him too much of who she was, leading him to locate their secret base! Unfortunately, Touka caught on, but was manipulated... Upon her being seized, the other Sentai quickly noticed and arrived at the arcade to find she was being used by the same darkness that controlled the others, and that she directly showed Cirris their base! The group foght as Yui only watched, unable to fight Cirris, until he nearky murders Blaire! Yui then realized that Cirris she knew wouldn't of killed a friend and wouldn't of acted this way, she prepared to fight him! Noire realized this would destroy their base and made a pocket dimension to fight in, Beryl shows up and explains this will be their graveyard... but Mira immediately kills her, and Cirris retreats back to the Dark Kingdom! Yui follows him and the portal closes before the others could stop her! They immediately start doing research on finding her and the kingdom... Meanwhile, Yui falls into the Dark Castle and is greeted by Cirris, he strangles her, demanding to know where the Eternal Crystal is, both are oblivious to it re-connecting with it's physical shell, that Yui was keeping. Until it started to grow!!! Cirris drops Yui as the Crystal grew around them, and Superbia enters the room... Meanwhile, the soldiers notice something was wrong, and have coincidently found the Dark Kingdom... They create a portal to go there, but arrive just in time to see Yui, having believed Cirris was already dead... Attacking him, then attempting suicide, hoping they'd both be reborn in a more peaceful time, where they could be together... Superbia swallows the couple and the Eternal Crystal, causing the Sentai to fly out the castle to avoid being consumed... Sin spreads across the entire Earth, madness overtakes everybody... The Earth dies agonizingly slowly, as everybody does unspeakable things to each other... Only The Sentai, Blair and Star Kami are left untouched by sin... Meanwhile, inside of Superbia... Yui awakes as the Eternal Crystal healed her back... she can see all the evil going on through Superbia's body... She also noticed Cirris lying unconscious, too... Then starts to get her memory back thanks to being exposed to the Crystal's energy. She then notices her friends attacking Superbia, but the devil only absorbs their powers until they die, though... a opening comes through Superbia's body! Yui escapes with Cirris and tries fighting Satan herself, she transforms, but immediately reverts to The Eternal Goddess: Princess Kara!!! Kara, still getting her memory back, is unable to kill Satan as it absorbs her attacks, until she hears Cirris awaken as The firstborn of God's Archangels: Michael! Kara realizes he survived her attack by keeping gyms in his shirt, but was blinded thanks to nearly dying... He holds her and tells his love that she could do it, and not doubt herself! Kara concentrates and prepares to attack, Michael then hears from his Sierro, Zolo and Chiba, that She must attack Satan's eye, it's the only weakpoint in Sin-Superbia itself... Michael tells Kara, and she creates a sword, then flies into the eye, burning up Satan and all madness and sin on Earth, white fire engulfs the world... Then disperses... Mira, Fusagi, Touka and Noire are bought back via the Eternal Crystal and look for Yui... Meanwhile, Kara lies unconscious on the ground as Michael heals her... he then revives Earth itself. Kara wakes up with all her memories returned and happily embraces Michael, she kisses him repeating that She loves Michael, he repeats that He loves Kara, too! And that they found each other, and could finally marry!
The Arc timeskips to Michael and Kara with all their friends, everybody's being flown in a orb, back to Nottingham for the couple's wedding! After catching up with every soldier, the friends decide to ask what exactly happened? Kara and Michael explainly plainly that: Michael wanted to experience love as humans do, as did Kara, upon asking, God allowed them to marry if they felt the same way after being human, but Satan invaded the ceramony and they both reincarnated away from each other until they came back as Yui and Cirris, and it was just in time for the apocalypse! (They re-explained as Serena's explanation was so casual afore.). Mira then asks if they were the same people, Lin adds if she was his daughter anymore. Kara explains they are, upon getting their memories back, they're technically many different people, and still feel the same way they did for everybody while her and Michael were human. And that she still has the same memories and feelings for Lin as she always did, she'd always be his daughter, Kara shows this by turning back into Yui and giving him a hug once more, before reverting back. Sierro then asks why were they so violent before, Michael explains that their personalities were split: their default was them in human forme, and their anger and need for vengence was their "Super" forms, but they're completely themselves now, and won't lash out as they did before.. Fusagi then asks if there was a chance that this destiny couldn't happen and if they had looked at anyone else except each other? Michael explains that it was, and was possible for them to not be reborn now, but after Satan took over and then save Earth... And that the only thing they forced was that neither could lose their virginity unless to each other, or they'd die before it. Sierro's surprised at this, until Kara then replies that it was VERY possible to divert destiny if she went with any of the guys she liked while she was Yui: Sierro, Zolo, Vassago, Kasanoda, and Lucci were all guys that also liked her back, but... either lost interest, rejected her, didn't catch on to her advances or were too much older than her... She then explains that similarly: Mushiro, Anatasia, Hinami and Minami all liked Cirris too, and that it was possible that he could've entered a relationship with them, but they both chose each other! Everybody was surprised at this, the guys either shrugging their shoulders or showing no emotion, the girls giggled, while Hinami laughed and Anatasia turned away from everybody (This scene indicates hints to the spin-offs and sequels after this... It's also purposely ignored that Fusagi and Noire was interested in Yui/Cirris respectively, too!) Afterwards, it's revealed that Kara proposed to Michael before he could get to, and he that he was "upset" for not beating her to it! After the wedding, Michael thought of how much he truly loves Kara and the couple head off into space to spread love and help other worlds!

Long-Story-Short: Soul Star is the Technique of God, which He uses through people to create miracles, and has been passed down via Soul Hoshi. The Parody surrounds the 1st Academy-Nottingham. And it's most promising Soldier: Yui and the events before and after the sealing of Kinshin-Asura at the hands of the Soul Hoshi Soldiers and Noire, a kidnapped child, turned kinshin. Yui continues to save the world afterwards, with her pure-heartedness annoying both friends and enemies (it also causes enemies to be finished off by her friends or via their own wicked deeds) Yui's "Super forme": Princess is the exact opposite of her, but despite this, everything goes well, up until she meets Cirris! After this, she tries to cheer-up and show-off to her shy, (yet perverted) boyfrend. Which leads to her not only doing things she didn't before, but straining her powers, leaving her unable to fight on the front-lines. This leads to Cirris being hated for "hurting her" and put on the front-lines, which causes him to go into his "Super forme": Michael, later. After Cirris unknowingly almost commits suicide, the world's reset to a peaceful version of the present, by the Star Kami. He slowly but surely gets everyone's memories back, including Cirris and Yui, who find out that their "Super Forms" were their original selves! Yui-Princess Kara destroys Satan with the help of Cirris-Michael and saves Earth, leading to a Utopian/peaceful future, and find they both remember that they're suppose to be married, and that's why they immediately fell in love before, but Satan interrupted the ceramony causing a vile domino effect. After this, they get married, then travel to and help other worlds, which leads to the them finding the world of this comic, and the "alien" encounters... It's Kara and Michael trying to save that world, but Michael/Cirris' counterpart: Faire, might not be able to find Yui/Kara's counterpart...