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These comic pages are not part of any chapter ✨
1Defect9/23/20100 Comments
2Heavenly Maiden7/1/20171 Comments


The start of a Certain Team ✨
3Defective6/20/20151 Comments
4Kara-Furu Sentai3/7/20161 Comments
5Crimson?3/15/20161 Comments
6Gold?3/19/20169 Comments
7Pink-Pearl?3/20/20161 Comments
8Opal?4/5/20161 Comments
9First Day4/9/20161 Comments
10Cherry-Flavored Air?4/18/20161 Comments
11Jail Break4/25/20161 Comments
12Hero Test5/5/20161 Comments
13Miss Terminator5/8/20161 Comments
14Kara-Hoshi VS Terrorists!5/19/20161 Comments
15First Mission5/19/20161 Comments
16Hero's война5/19/20161 Comments
17Faire and Yuri?5/19/20161 Comments
18Hero's Battles6/7/20161 Comments
19One More Surprise6/11/20160 Comments
20?6/11/20161 Comments
21Test?...6/30/20161 Comments

Royal Guards

Their S Ranks! ✨
22Red Knight?7/7/20161 Comments
23Her Majesty7/8/20161 Comments
24Fiesta Fight7/24/20161 Comments
25Do Not Forget Me7/25/20161 Comments
26Bunny Healer?7/26/20161 Comments
27Vacation?...7/30/20161 Comments

Siege of the Fleet

The team's seized and divided ✨
28Tower Defense8/2/20161 Comments
29Ghost Buster?8/10/20161 Comments
30Bewitched?8/16/20161 Comments
31Law and Order?8/24/20161 Comments
32Trials in Tribulation8/27/20161 Comments
33Demonic8/28/20161 Comments
34Peace and Prosperity8/29/20161 Comments


KFS divides, and Karma strikes ✨
35Them?‍?‍?‍?, Yourself?, and I?9/4/20161 Comments
36Clone Wars!9/13/20161 Comments
37Pearl Before Swine9/17/20161 Comments
38Last Hope?9/24/20161 Comments
39Faire Reason?10/1/20161 Comments

Lies and Love

Seiku strikes in peacetime! ✨
40Emotional Rollercoaster10/1/20161 Comments
41Survey10/18/20161 Comments
42Vegeance?10/24/20161 Comments
43Descent into Horror110/26/20161 Comments
44Descent into Horror210/27/20161 Comments
45Kuro⚡10/31/20161 Comments


Son of God is My name, eating My wings to keep tame... ✨
46Fear Himself11/1/20161 Comments
47Faire VS Opal11/8/20161 Comments
48Faire VS Pearl11/15/20161 Comments
49Kuro VS Gold11/17/20161 Comments
50Kuro VS Rei11/24/20161 Comments
51Kuro VS Crimson11/24/20161 Comments


Post-Apocalypse World ✨
52Root Of All Evil?11/28/20161 Comments
53Tragic Penance11/28/20161 Comments
54End of the Beginning?12/1/20161 Comments


Introduction ✨
55Spirit of a Hero11/4/20191 Comments